5 free agency options for the Maple Leafs

Dylan Strome leads the list of free agency options for the Toronto Maple Leafs as the NHL offseason reaches its chaotic climax.

Video Transcript

- The flat cap has literally taken an axe to teams left and right.

There are so many available players right now. And again, if you're [? dubious ?] who needs to kind of add around the core, this might be great. But of all of them available, there are a couple that I want in particular, maybe five.

The first being Dylan Strome. I think Dylan Strome might be the one that makes the most sense besides the fact that he's a [INAUDIBLE] fan and close friend of Mitch Marner. But I do think he's a player who's kind of on the verge of taking that next step. In Chicago, he actually had a pretty solid second half. So it's surprising why they wouldn't bring him back. But hey, maybe the Leafs can benefit from that.

Sonny Milano. Yeah, that's Sonny Milano who did the whole Michigan pass, batted out of the air goal thing. He didn't get qualified. I think he would be a great option, maybe in the least middle six.

Danton Heinen from Pittsburgh, reliable center. That could be solid.

Ilya Samsonov. I think that was another shocking one from Washington but that could make a lot of sense for the Leafs depending on what he wants. Now, that could actually make the Matt Murray trade a little better for me because if you have Matt Murray and Samsonov, who could push each other battle each other a little bit and a tandem situation, then that actually might make the least goal-tending situation a little bit better. And Zach Ashton Reese from Pittsburgh as well, who, again, is a very kind of annoying gritty, chirpy type of player. But again, players that you do need when it comes to long playoff runs.

Speaking of Pittsburgh, Evgeni Malkin is also a UFA. That could be cool. Could it work? No. No, it couldn't. But again, of all them, Dylan Strome would probably make the most sense. But hey, knowing Dubas he might end up being someone who completely came out of nowhere. I mean, look what happened last year. David Kampf, we didn't know who that was. Michael Bunting for the most part we didn't know who that was and now I have his Jersey.

But regardless of who it is. It doesn't matter as long as they are contributing to the team, which does sounds obvious but again, the pressure on this season, this legitimate all or nothing season, does come down to every single decision. Do this in the least organization do. The draft was one start, the Matt Murray trade was another, and now we're into free agency. Who knows what's going to happen.

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