5 DIY projects designed to help your child learn basic shapes

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Toys, games, and puzzles are an effective and fun way to teach children basic shapes. Plus, they’re also incredibly easy to make yourself. From painting with Q-tips to playing with avocados, there are many homemade projects to get kids excited about learning shapes. For parents looking for fun and interactive ways to shape things up, here are 5 DIY projects designed to strengthen your child’s shape recognition. 

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1. DIY Q-tip Shape Activity

Q-tips are known for their wide variety of uses, but who would have thought they’d be a great tool for learning shapes? Start by tying a small bunch of Q-tips together, then use hot glue to form each Q-tip bundle’s shape. Line the edge of a piece of paper with small blobs of different paint and have your child experiment with a different Q-tip stamp shape for each color. 

2. DIY Avocado Shape Puzzle

When it comes to shape recognition, this puzzle is a move in the “ripe” direction! Use a piece of cardboard to trace cute avocado characters, using a different shape for each avocado’s pit in the center. Once the avocado buddies are all colored in, carve out each shape using an X-Acto knife. Finish by gluing another piece of cardboard onto the back of the puzzle and have your little one match each shape to each avocado. 

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3. DIY Pumpkin Shape Sorter

Kids of all ages can have fun making this 3-D pumpkin shape sorter. Start by having your older kids paint the cardboard pumpkins. Next, paste each pumpkin head on a long cardboard box. Carve out each pumpkin’s eyes, nose, and mouth before fastening the box to a wall, making sure it’s low enough for your child to reach. Your little pumpkin will take delight in placing their building box into each shape compartment. 

4. DIY Favorite Character Shape Puzzle

It’s easy to get kids excited about learning when their favorite movie or TV show is involved. For this puzzle, begin by printing out pictures of your kid’s favorite characters. After cutting out the printed characters, glue them onto a piece of cardboard or foam board. Once dry, use a ruler and box cutter to slice the picture into even pieces. For an extra touch, make a frame for the puzzle with a cardboard border glued onto a piece of paper. 

5. DIY Paint Sample Puzzle

All you need for this simple shape exercise is a few colorful paint samples and a Sharpie. Begin by drawing a shape onto each paint sample. Next, carve out each shape using an X-Acto knife, and your puzzle is ready to go! In addition to shapes, this activity is excellent for practicing color recognition as well!

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