'5-on-5 we looked good' : Fleury bemoans penalty-kill woes in Game-1 loss

Marc-Andre Fleury believes the Minnesota Wild need to keep the game even-handed if they are to respond to a dispiriting 4-0 loss to St. Louis in their playoff series opener.

Video Transcript

- How tough is it when you see pucks just go right to them there with nets open the way--

MARC-ANDRE FLEURY: Yeah. I don't know. Obviously, like I said, we know each other very well, you know, and he's a good shooter. He's always a threat around the net, you know. And it seems like every puck on a power play just ends up on this tape, you know, and on the [INAUDIBLE]. He's a good player, you know. He pulled them in.

- Marc, big save on that penalty shot, though. Just walk us through what happened there and how you made that stop.

MARC-ANDRE FLEURY: Yeah, I think it's a good way to get into the game early on if you make the save. And I thought we had a good start. The team was skating well and we had the puck a bunch. And also I wanted to make that save and keep the momentum going for our side you know, and yeah, it's probably-- that was fun. The crowd, you know, got on their feet and stuff. And just too bad for the rest of the game.

- Marc, the Blues are a team that like to use seams. When they move the puck, whether it's 5-on-5 or on the power play. What type of challenges, do the way they attack do they create for you?

MARC-ANDRE FLEURY: Yeah, they're not a team that shoot a lot of pucks, and only sometimes they have a clear line with me, me and them, right? And they're still waiting to make the extra pass across the crease.

And yeah, I think that's what makes them good, especially in the power play, right? They can give do passes and get a moving side to side, get our PK moving, you know. And it creates a little chaos that way.

- Special teams, obviously, were the difference. Is it possible to avoid a special teams battle in the playoffs because emotions run high, there's tension in these games? But that's a team that looks like you don't want to put them on the power play.

MARC-ANDRE FLEURY: Yeah, exactly. The danger is they're a good threat, and we knew this going to the series. And I think they showed us again tonight. I don't think we can plan on a 5-on-5 game for 60 minutes, but still going try, you know, and stall the box and give you a power play off the ice because I think 5-on-5 would look good. And we had to puck it out. We didn't give them too much, you know, and so gotta bring the battle there.

- I know this was your first game against them with the wild, but this has been a match-up that's been fairly one-sided in, you know, this season, recent years. Do you sense like a psyche with the team that this is chipping away maybe at the confidence that the Blues keep having the upper hand? Or what's your vibe on the team in front of you?

MARC-ANDRE FLEURY: I don't see a difference in the room, you know. The guys all have the same routine, you know, prepping for the game and the meetings and all that. We didn't make a big deal because it was them, you know. I think we always focus on our team, the way we play, you know. And I don't know. I didn't sense any difference in our preparation for that game. Yeah.

- Marcus talked about the importance of moving on. You know, game one's done, move on to game two. You've been around a long time. How hard is that to do?

MARC-ANDRE FLEURY: Not easy tonight, I know. I think personally, I always go over goals in my head and try to think but I could have done different, you know, and as a team what we could have done differently to win this, but tomorrow comes and it's a new day. You got to learn from tonight and come back with a smile, you know. Smile and keep working. Get ready for next game.

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