45-year-old man shot dead while on FaceTime with girlfriend, Texas police say

A 45-year-old Texas man was shot dead while on the phone with his girlfriend, police said.

The man told his girlfriend over FaceTime that “something was wrong” while in the living room of a Houston home on the evening of Dec. 7, according to KHOU 11.

He then was shot twice in the chest, according to the outlet, citing police.

After shots were heard, a Chevy Silverado was seen driving away from the home, according to a police news release.

Responding officers found the man — who has not been identified — and he was pronounced dead, police said.

No one else was found inside the home, and it’s not clear how a suspect or suspects may have entered the residence, according to CBS News, citing police.

“We don’t know if they kicked the door in or if they were welcomed in,” a police lieutenant said, according to the outlet. “There’s still a lot of questions.”

When contacted by McClatchy News, a spokesperson for the Houston Police Department declined to provide further details.

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