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The 40 Most Unforgettable SNL Controversies Through the Years

Saturday Night Live has been serving late-night comedy over NBC's airwaves nearly every week since the show's debut in 1975 (yes, long before the existence of comedy podcasts and the ability to stream your favorite comedies on Netflix and Hulu). The program's irreverent satire and live-broadcast format basically guaranteed it would court controversy from the very beginning, but that hasn't stopped SNL from taking home 67 Emmys, launching the careers of dozens of talented comedians and actors, spotlighting hundreds of great musical acts and creating some of the most memorable sketches of all time. As it turns out, bad hosts, edgy material, rebellious musicians, and accidental f-bombs are all just part of the fun. Read on to see Saturday Night Live's biggest controversies from throughout its tenure as one of the longest-running shows in television.