This New $4 Trader Joe's Frozen Item Is So Good, It's Selling Out Everywhere

TJ's frozen Korean kimbap is super popular right now. So much so, many stores are selling out fast. Make sure to grab a couple if you spot it on your next grocery run.

Trader Joe’s frozen section is filled with Asian-inspired fan favorites like Mandarin Orange Chicken, Chicken Fried Rice, and Chicken Soup Dumplings. But they really hit it out of the park with their latest offering—Korean Kimbap, which retails for $3.99.

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Trader Joe's

Kimbap (also known as gimbap) is a flavorful Korean seaweed and rice roll. And while Japanese sushi might come to mind, kimbap is actually very different. There’s no raw fish involved. Kimbap is traditionally filled with grilled bulgogi, veggies, rice, ham, and eggs. The Trader Joe’s version features an assortment of sautéed greens, crunchy root vegetables, and crisp pickles around a base of braised tofu. The generously sized roll is cut into nine pieces.

TikToker Sarah (@ahnestkitchen) had an expert review of the kimbap from Trader Joe's: her Korean mother, who seems to give it a thumbs up. “It’s not bad, you guys!” says Sarah. In fact, her mom thinks she likes it more than the kind they sell at her local Korean market. Now, that’s saying a lot.

“Korean mom approved, I’ll definitely buy it, lol,” said one commenter. “Trader Joe's frozen section is no joke. I love it,” said another.

TikTok creator Phuong Le (@theasiantestkitchen) suggests letting it rest for an additional five minutes before eating because consuming right out of the microwave gives it a mushy, unappealing texture. She also suggests coating the rolls in egg and pan-frying in sesame oil for an extra savory treat. “Not only is it delicious, but it adds a little extra protein to your meal, so it will keep you feeling full a little bit longer,” she explains in the video.

If you’re lucky enough to find the frozen kimbap in your local store, grab a couple. Most Trader Joe’s locations are selling out fast.

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