6 Things You Should Never Bring On A Short Trip

Don't pack without reading this first.

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Packing for a short trip can be more challenging than packing for a long vacation. If you have a lot of activities planned for just a few days—packing light is crucial, especially if you don’t want to carry around heavy bags or pay those expensive luggage fees.

While you probably know what you need to bring on your next weekend jaunt or business trip, knowing what you don’t need can help simplify the packing process even more. Here’s what you should never bring on a short trip.

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Too Much of Anything

Adeela Hussain Johnson, president of BÈIS, which recently launched a Commuter Collection ideal for quick trips, tells me packing too much of anything is a bad idea. “Packing light is key,” she says. Whether you’re taking a carry-on-sized bag or a weekender, start by accepting the fact that there is limited space and think logically from there. For example, it’s a smart idea to bring an extra dress shirt if you’re going on a business trip. But you probably don’t need to bring more than one bathing suit if you plan on swimming in the hotel pool.

Clothing You Can’t Mix and Match

Bringing items you can’t mix and match will only weigh your bag down. “Make sure you have mix-and-match options for your clothing, shoes, and bags so you can switch things up while maximizing space,” says Johnson. “Neutral bottoms work so well because then you can add your pop of color with shirts, which are smaller and easier to pack so you can bring a few extra."

Lots of Toiletries

If you have a ten-step skincare routine, you might need to par down slightly when you’re on the go. Johnson suggests using a BÉIS Dopp Kit for beauty and skincare products and limiting your selection to only what you can fit in that. “You can put your toiletries in the top section and your makeup below,” she says.

In terms of cosmetics, try to bring multitaskers, such as foundation with sunscreen, or a hair product you can use for both de-frizzing and finishing.

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Handbags and Shoes That Aren’t Versatile

Handbags and shoes can take up a lot of space and get heavy. While you might be tempted to pack those super-high heels for one night out, you’re better off opting for something more practical that you can wear for the entire trip.

Keep color in mind, too. Black or tan shoes pretty much go with anything.

The same goes for bags, explains Johnson. “Bags that can be versatile are perfect," she says. "The convertible weekender works so well because it’s the perfect size when packing for a short trip. When you arrive, you can unzip the bottom and leave that behind while the top of the bag converts into your day-to-day tote.” 

She also advises bringing along a crossbody or sling bag. “Crossbody or slings are so perfect for any kind of trip but, for a short trip, they can serve as the essentials bags for travel documents and your day-to-day carry bag," she says. "These bags also make a great snack carrier, as that’s always needed.”

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Full-Size Toiletries

Valerie Batrice, vice president of consumer marketing at Travelpro, avoids packing full-size toiletries that she can purchase locally. "You can purchase trial-sized hygiene products once you arrive at your destination, which also allows you to try products that are made by local artisans," explains Batrice.

By shopping locally, you can support small businesses and bring back travel-sized toiletry souvenirs from your trip. "During my trip to Portugal, I discovered the most amazing soaps and facial hydrating cream made with honey from France—a win, win!" Batrice says.

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One Outfit a Day

Think less is more when it comes to your capsule wardrobe for a quick trip. "Avoid packing one outfit a day at all costs. Instead, follow the rule of three's: one pair of pants, one skirt, and one dress," explains Batrice. These clothing staples are easy ways to create lots of outfits without overflowing your suitcase.

As an added bonus, this gives you extra room in your suitcase for you to shop during an international vacation. "This packing method leaves room in your luggage for souvenirs or new clothes if you decide to shop in a different country," says Batrice.

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