3A SRV all-conference football team revealed. These players made the cut

Coaches select each league’s all-conference team.

The Idaho Statesman is not involved in the selection process and only publishes the results.

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Player of the Year: Dillon Fine, sr., QB/DB, Homedale

Offensive Player of the Year: Brock Spencer, sr., RB, Weiser

Defensive Player of the Year: Braden Phillips, sr., DL, Weiser

Kicker of the Year: Ryndon Olsen, sr., Weiser

Punter of the Year: Omar Alvarez, fr., Parma

Coach of the Year: Matt Holtry, Homedale



QB: Kolin Cook, jr., Weiser

RB: Andrew Marston, sr., Homedale

RB: Tyler Feeley, sr., Payette

RB: Caleb Grove, sr., Weiser

WR: Rafa Cuenca, jr., Homedale

WR: Coye Coffman, jr., Fruitland

WR: Cole Burtenshaw, sr., McCall-Donnelly

TE: Oklin Carson, sr., Homedale

OL: Brodie White, sr., Homedale

OL: Emario Cuellar, sr., Homedale

OL: Braden Phillips, sr., Weiser

OL: Harry Cook, sr., Weiser

OL: Glenn Richardson, sr., McCall-Donnelly


DL: Brodie White, sr., Homedale

DL: Johnathan Stines, sr., Fruitland

DL: Jack Duncan, sr., McCall-Donnelly

DL: Cash Cobb, jr., Weiser

LB: Brock Walker, jr., Homedale

LB: Quinn Hood, jr., Fruitland

LB: Caleb Grove, sr., Weiser

LB: Luke Sarich, jr., Weiser

LB: Peyton Esplin, jr., McCall-Donnelly

DB: Luke Henry, jr., Homedale

DB: Coye Coffman, jr., Fruitland

DB: Brock Spencer, sr., Weiser

DB: Cole Burtenshaw, sr., McCall-Donnelly

DB: Braxton Heffelfinger, sr., Parma



QB: Maddox Arnold, jr., McCall-Donnelly

RB: Jayden Walker, sr., Weiser

RB: TJ Leonard, sr., McCall-Donnelly

WR: Luke Henry, jr., Homedale

WR: Danny Lomelli, sr., Homedale

WR: Jack Shirts, sr., Weiser

TE: Quinn Hood, jr., Fruitland

OL: McCoy Swallow, jr., Homedale

OL: Diego Cortez, jr., Homedale

OL: Joel Zamora, sr., Fruitland

OL: Isai Hererra, jr., Weiser

OL: Karsten Walker, jr., Weiser

OL: Finn Moon, jr., McCall-Donnelly


DL: Oklin Carson, sr., Homedale

DL: Caden Layne, jr., Homedale

DL: Gunnar Newman, so., McCall-Donnelly

DL: Glenn Richardson, sr., McCall-Donnelly

LB: Jesus Alvarez, fr., Parma

LB: Andrew Marston, sr., Homedale

LB: Tyler Feeley, sr., Payette

LB: Brigham Walker, jr., Fruitland

LB: Kolin Cook, jr., Weiser

DB: Angel Nolasco, jr., Homedale

DB: Dillon Fine, sr., Homedale

DB: Xander Gray, jr., Weiser



QB: Titus Vidlak, fr., Fruitland

RB: Kade Hall, so., Homedale

WR: Xander Gray, jr., Weiser

TE: Jack Tucker, sr., Weiser

OL: Caden Layne, jr., Homedale

OL: Noah Brown, sr., Homedale

OL: Calvin Shaffer, so., Payette

OL: Cole Tuttle, sr., Fruitland

OL: Dylan Ashley, so., Weiser


DL: Mike Rose, sr., Homedale

DL: Josh Proctor, sr., Fruitland

DL: Mark Martin, sr., Payette

LB: Alex Sotello, jr., Homedale

LB: Sebastian Larzelier, so., Homedale

LB: Jace Mordhorst, jr., Fruitland

LB: Cody Pattee, so., Payette

LB: Jayden Walker, sr., Weiser

LB: Adam Rushton, sr., McCall-Donnelly

LB: TJ Leonard, sr., McCall-Donnelly

DB: Darrien Pecunia, so., Payette

DB: Jacks Shirts, sr., Weiser

DB: Luke Hauder, sr., McCall-Donnelly