38 Winter Cocktails and Hot Drinks to Warm Up With This Cold-Weather Season

Mi Campo Tequila

At the end of a hectic year, there isn't much more we want to do than be around our nearest and dearest. And having great winter cocktails on hand doesn't hurt either.

Some of the best winter cocktails are twists on the classics, like the espresso martini or old-fashioned. And warm cocktails like mulled wine or spiked hot chocolate add a cozy factor that can't be matched, and they're so simple to make for a group of friends or family. In fact, some of the best winter cocktails and classic cocktail recipes are easy to make without any liquor at all.

After a roller coaster of a year like 2023, spending time with loved ones from the comfort (and warmth!) of our own homes with winter drinks in hand this cold-weather season is more necessary than ever before. For many of us, our preferred spot to catch up with friends and family is the same place we've spent much of the year: on the couch, under a blanket.

However, if you do plan to throw a holiday party, why not go all out and impress your guests with a complex creation from a master mixologist? Whatever your plans this season, these 38 delicious winter cocktails are guaranteed to delight. Cheers!