30 Anti-Jokes That Put Dad Jokes To Shame

Before diving into the not-so-funny jokes, it’s important to first understand what an anti-joke is, so you know what to expect when it's time to deliver.

An anti-joke is similar in nature to a dad joke in that it has two parts: a setup and punchline. However, the punchline is purposefully unfunny; it’s often sarcastic and obvious after thinking about it. Wondering why anyone would want to hear an anti-joke over an actually funny quip? For the same reason people eat a bag of chips they don’t really like — they’re so bad, they’re good!

Find the best anti jokes below, and share them with friends and family for a round of laughs. You may even feel compelled to make up a few of your own! A bonus is that they’re much easier to think of than actual jokes.

Although our list may make you cringe because of all the corny jokes, we guarantee you’ll finish reading with a smirk on your face, wishing there were more. But fret not, we have other joke round-ups that are actually meant to be funny. Find articles such as funny jokes for kids, knock jokes, and birthday jokes, as well as riddles, puns, and the occasional funny pick-up line.

best anti jokes whats red white and blue
Woman's Day
  1. What’s red, white, and oh so blue?
    Literally anything on the 4th of July.

  2. “Who you gonna call?”
    Probably your Mom — not the Ghostbusters.

  3. If Carl started in Canada and continued to walk north, where would he end up?
    Canada. Carl can’t walk that far.

  4. What is orange, round, and tasty?
    An orange.

  5. What’s older than the beginning of time?
    T-1 day before the start of time.

  6. If Bob is driving at 65 miles per hour and gets passed, how fast is the other vehicle moving?
    Faster than 65 mph.

  7. I like my coffee like I like my tea.
    With milk and sugar.

  8. Mandy goes to the doctor and is prescribed laughter as the best medicine. What does Mandy do?
    She sues the doctor for malpractice.

    best anti jokes what did the french men say
    Woman's Day
  9. What did the French men say to each other as they walked back to their apartment?
    “Oui, oui, oui,” all the way home. Wait — wrong story.

  10. What ended after 2001?

  11. Where was the Constitution signed?
    The bottom.

  12. Why do cat’s meow?
    We don’t know. Why do dogs bark?

  13. If Jimmy ate half a sandwich, and Billy ate three quarters of a sandwich, how much is left of Jimmy’s sandwich?

  14. What’s a waffle’s least favorite holiday?
    National Pancake Day.

    best anti jokes how many cars new york to california
    Woman's Day
  15. How many cars does it take to get from New York to California?
    One, unless it breaks down.

  16. If blueberries are blue and oranges are orange, why aren’t cherries cherry?
    Because cherry isn’t a color.

  17. Knock. Who’s there? To. To who?
    No, “to whom.”

  18. How many hot dogs are eaten on the 4th of July every year?
    A lot.

  19. When is a bird’s favorite time to sing?
    5 a.m., right outside your window.

  20. What happens if you fail a math test?
    You don’t pass.

  21. What did the shoe say to the other shoe?
    Nothing. Since when can shoes talk?

  22. What is Santa’s favorite holiday?
    He’s actually a big fan of St. Patrick’s Day.

    best anti jokes early bird gets the worm
    Woman's Day
  23. If the early bird gets the worm, what does the worm get?

  24. What happens when you mix a walnut with a pineapple?
    Nothing. It’s still a walnut and a pineapple.

  25. What’s greater than infinity?
    Infinity + 1.

  26. If Chuck was born in 1950. What would he be in 2200?
    Dead or a time traveler.

  27. After Bill’s breakup, his friend said, “Don’t worry. There are plenty of fish in the sea.”
    Bill said, “That’s good to know, but can we talk about my breakup?”

  28. What should you never bring to a soap opera audition?
    Soap. Turns out, it’s not a performance about cleaning.

  29. Why do turkey’s hate Thanksgiving?
    Isn’t it obvious?

  30. A man walked into a bar and said what?Ouch.

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