3 Fort Worth restaurants closed for serious health violations, roaches found at 2 more

Three Fort Worth restaurants were closed for serious health violations during the Nov. 12-25 inspections and roaches were found at two more, according to data from the city compiled by the Star-Telegram.

Los Aibertos, located at 6721 Bridge St., scored 26 demerits on Nov. 17 and was required to close pending correction of the violations.

Some foods were not maintained at a safe temperature, there was no hot water in the facility, black organic matter was observed on the ice machine and some of the employees food-handler cards were expired.

Church’s Chicken at 10137 West Freeway scored 20 on Nov. 16 and was required to close until the violations could be corrected.

Raw chicken and cheese were not maintained at a safe temperature, organic matter was found on the soda machine nozzles and ice chute, there was no hand soap at the hand washing sinks and the restaurant’s permit wasn’t posted in public view.

Costa Vida, located at 9530 Feather Grass Lane, scored 5 on Nov. 15 and was temporarily closed due to no hot water. The problem was corrected on site, the inspector noted.

Three restaurants scored over 30. Restaurants that receive more than 30 demerits are required to immediately fix the most critical violations and start corrective procedures on all the other violations within 48 hours.

La Abuela Regina at 912 NW 25th St. scored 36 on Nov. 14. The inspector found black organic matter inside the ice machine and dirty ventilation hood systems and filters. Some of the food wasn’t stored at a safe temperature, and no certified food protection manager was on site during the inspection.

The establishment scored 10 in a Nov. 16 followup inspection

Poke Stop, located at 8605 N. Beach Street, scored 35 on Nov. 22. Employees hadn’t completed an accredited food handler course, and no probe thermometer was available to monitor internal food temperature. Some spray bottles of sanitizer were not labeled and some perishable foods were stored without a date to indicate when they were prepared.

Bella Pasta and Pizza at 3548 South Hills Ave. scored 31 on Nov. 15. The inspector observed black organic matter in the ice machine and found perishable foods without dates in the cooler. There was no certified food protection manager on site during the inspection, and the temperature in salad bar cooler was too high.

The establishment scored 7 in a Nov. 17 followup inspection.

Sonic Drive-In, located at 2000 Altamesa Blvd., scored 21 on Nov. 18. The inspector found dead roaches in the back area and black organic residue inside the soda machine nozzles.

The Worthington Renaissance Hotel at 200 Main St. scored 17 on Nov. 21. The inspector observed a roach near the 3-compartment sink and found food accumulation on the espresso machine nozzle.

Here are the inspection scores and violations for restaurants within the city limits of Fort Worth for Nov. 12th - Nov. 15th, 2023. Scores are based on a demerit system. When the total exceeds 30, the restaurant must take immediate corrective action on all identified critical violations, then has 48 hours to initiate corrective action on all other violations. To search the restaurant inspections, type in a keyword or restaurant name. You can also sort by score.

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