2nd victim emerges and gives details of Rayshard Brooks shooting

A second shooting victim has emerged from the police shooting death of Rayshard Brooks. Melvin Evans appeared on Wednesday’s Cuomo Prime Time, where he discussed the witnessing the from only a few feet away.

Evans and a friend pulled into the Wendy’s where the shooting occurred as a struggle broke out between police officer Garrett Rolfe and Brooks. The ordeal ended with Brooks being shot twice in the back as he tried to escape custody. Rolfe has since been fired and charged with felony murder.

One of the more heavily debated topics in this matter centers around whether Brooks shot at Rolfe with a taser as he fled. Evans recalled Brooks having possession of a taser but was not quite sure about whether it was fired.

“[Brooks] pointed the taser in the air and I don't think he shot it,” said Evans. “I think he was doing -- he shot it to get the officer off of him.”

Evans’ truck was hit by one of Rolfe’s bullets, but he was not injured. In the wake of George Floyd and other Black victims of police brutality, he was understandably scared in the moment and unsure how to safely flee the danger.

“I'm not going to pull out while [Rolfe] got this gun in his hand because if I move, he's right ten feet from the truck,” recalled Evans. “I might run over them or something being nervous or trying to get from the scene or [he’ll] shoot at the truck.”

Evans ducked down in his truck until he saw Rolfe holster his gun, at which point he left. He did recall Brooks being handcuffed as he drove away. As for the accusations that Rolfe kicked and stepped on Brooks after the shooting, Evans said, “I didn’t [see], that probably happened after we left.”