2B3D, Metaverse for Veteran PTSD Therapy, Sends Gratitude to All Fallen Military Service Members and Their Families Ahead of Memorial Holiday; Honors MGMT Team Vets

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Costa Mesa, CA, May 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire -- 2B3D, a first of its kind metaverse experience for treating PTSD and associated complications, specifically addiction treatment, in military veterans, today reaffirmed its eternal appreciation for all service members who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to the nation. The selfless service these brave men and women displayed is a constant reminder to us all that freedom is not free, and we must stand vigilant to protect it.

Over 50% of the 2B3D team are military veterans themselves. From Privates to Colonels, the Company has strategically recruited and retained subject matter experts in fields from game design, IT services, cyber security, crypto/defi, NFTs, public relations, and business administration. The team is proud to be at the leading edge of today’s battle to provide a proven, easily accessible--and even enjoyable--solution to combat the mental health challenges arising as a result of a traumatic event.

There are many honorable programs currently in place to provide care and aid to such individuals, including service dog programs, the Veteran Affairs (VA) PTSD treatment program, or other veterans charity or military support organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project. Without question, these are all valid and effective resources. The Company’s mission is to aggressively pursue the evolution and continued elevation of this work into emerging realms and experiences, in pursuit of a level of treatment success that patients and families have yet to see, but is certainly attainable with a best-in-class offering.

2B3D is currently full swing into its launch sequence to develop and offer treatment in its Gen1 prototype. It is privileged to be associated with the Forge Forward Project, a veteran-owned and operated nonprofit dedicated to ending veteran suicide through the use of virtual reality technology. 2B3D firmly believes there is no singular, universal solution for all PTSD victims. To that end, its approach to treatment requires multiple bespoke components, and deep partnerships with various other solutions, companies, groups and NGOs.

2B3D’s ultimate end goal is to bring it all together in a one-stop shop for veterans and their families in its Metaverse where all members will have free and near-real-time access to treatment options including its proprietary “VRx” PTSD virtual therapy programs, currently in development and soon to be released.

Because the team is composed of veterans, the organization is uniquely aware of the pain points in this field. Many veterans currently need care, and processes that should be simple like validating identity in order to gain access to treatment plans and programs continues to be a huge challenge, unnecessarily. Especially for those individuals without the means or training to explore the options currently available to them.

“This condition becomes very frustrating and can easily contribute to a major downward spiral,” says LTC (Ret) Gordon Dodson, 2B3D’s Lead Strategic Planner. “We believe every veteran who suffers from a mental health condition should be provided the hardware, software, and free access to such resources so that when an event occurs, immediate access to effective treatment is available for them.”

The Forge Forward Project is collecting and analyzing data using new techniques designed to monitor brain functions of individuals who have experienced a traumatic event. Through the use of VR solutions, 2B3D looks to stimulate those areas in a positive manner through virtual gaming technology, making critical therapeutic service delivery pleasant if not downright enjoyable.

“It’s amazing how our team’s personal interest, passion, and commitment to combat PTSD so synergistically came together with our team’s business interest in building a Metaverse concept unlike any other. As we head into this holiday and reflect on the promise of the work at hand, we pause to remind the communities we touch and serve that all of us together have a shared opportunity here to push forward new solutions to significantly disrupt the treatment landscape for mental health conditions today,” says Robert Bell, CEO of 2B3D.

Bell continued, “We plan to bring veteran virtual healthcare to our Metaverse so that we at 2B3D can ensure veterans are being treated as a true number one priority. We are part of the veteran family and will not stop until we win this fight.”

About 2B3D

2B3D is a decentralized Metaverse with active and developing communities in the cryptoverse. The 2B3D Metaverse includes several projects:

VRx | Virtual healthcare with NFT prescriptions and real life professionals.

NFTy150 | NFT marketplace, minting option and showroom.

Topher's Inferno | Connecting enthusiastic gamers with ambitious developers.

RestXP | B2B meeting rooms with a resting crypto reward.

So Many Gods | A Play-to-Earn, space-themed sci fi looter shooter.

To learn more about 2B3D, visit us at www.2B3D.com or follow us on Twitter at @2B3Dinc.

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