22 People Who Tweeted Something And Pretty Much Immediately Regretted It

In case you didn't know, X (formerly known as Twitter) has a feature where users can add a "community note" underneath posts as a way to fact-check or provide more context. Users can then vote on whether the note was helpful or not. This has led to some verrrrrry satisfying situations where people who are used to getting away with tweeting whatever they want get a nice, permanent note attached to their tweet explaining that they're wrong. Here are some of the best examples of that:

1.And it wasn't a particularly long one, either:

"The soldiers of the Confederate States of America fought one war, and lost that war"
u/NeverEndingWalker64 / Via

2.I like that the notes could've gone scientific here, but instead chose to hit this Christian YouTuber where it hurts:

"Jesus turned water into wine"
u/LowVermicelli6464 / Via


u/HarbaughsKhakiPants2 / Via

4.Ç'est Français:

"The copper statue, a gift from the people of France..."
u/yougoddangfool / Anthony Devlin / Getty Images / Via

5.Oops, Donnie:

"Donald Trump is also one of the persons mentioned in the new court documents."
u/jared10011980 / Via

6.Elon Musk often gets noted on his own website, which is fun:

"The reverse is true."
u/Loud-Ad-2280 / Via

7.Like on this post about Sam Bankman-Fried:

"there was an investigation"
u/BasicallyDustin / Via

8.Seriously, it happens a lot:

"This feature has been available in Microsoft Word since at least 2020 and has to be turned on manually."
u/Wood_Ingot / Via

9.It's also fun when conservative pundits like Charlie Kirk don't watch the whole video:

"the video doesn't show the finished work..."
u/ImaginationFree6807 / Via

10.Y'know, I was thinking the same thing:

"That's just a bus"
u/miciy5 / Via

11.Yeah, we need that stuff:

"All life on earth would cease to exist without mRNA"
u/NeverEndingWalker64 / Via

12.A fun reminder to always check who's talking:

"Solar lasts 30-35 yrs."
u/Supergameplayer / Via

13.Soooooo many dick jokes:

"Shakespeare's plays are notoriously rife with sexual innuendo"
u/LowVermicelli6464 / Via

14.As far as Catholicism is concerned:

u/FitzyFarseer / Via

15.Ah yes, a scaremongering rumor as old as time:

"There has never been a substantiated case of a child being seriously injured or killed by a Halloween treat from a stranger."
u/spoop-dogg / Via

16.Still here, bro:

'The world did not end"
u/stuckatomega / Via

17.Maybe they meant "second Chernobyl":

"Chernobyl is in Ukraine."
u/LowVermicelli6464 / Via


"This is disinformation."
u/dazli69 / Via

19.You'd know this if women ever let you anywhere near them:

"The reason is because women naturally have leg hair."
u/MelanieWalmartinez / Via

20.To be fair, it might have been 23,000 real people who just didn't bother to watch the video:

"This video doesn't have sound."
u/Memento-Bruh / Via


"That is a picture of a walnut"
u/LA_Vines / Via

22.And finally, just for fun, here's George Santos not realizing that community notes are from, y'know, the community:

"They are in fact after Representative Santos, who is accused of stealing money from his donors, among other offenses."
u/Yeah-But-Ironically / Via
"Community Notes are, as the name suggests, posted by users of the X community..."
u/Yeah-But-Ironically / Via