22-Year-Old Raising Brother After Parents' Deaths Is Gifted Home Renovation: 'I'm Speechless'

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A Texas community stepped up to help two brothers with much-needed renovations to their Katy home.

According to NBC affiliate KPRC, 22-year-old Jaylan Gray has been raising his 12-year-old brother, Julian, since losing their parents and grandfather over the last few years. The brothers found themselves in need of help after their home was damaged by Hurricane Harvey in 2017 and a series of winter storms last year.

"At one point, I was just done with the house," Jaylan said, according to the news station. "I was ready to sell it at one point. It was too much weight on my shoulders. I couldn't do it."

Katy Responds, an organization that assists Texas families after disasters, contacted the brothers and said they would repair the home with the help of kind-hearted volunteers.

"There's just no way they could've lived in it and probably would've never fixed it," Katy Responds Executive Director Ron Peters said, per KPRC.

PEOPLE has reached out to the organization for comment.

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In footage, young Julian is seen fighting back tears when the brothers see the renovations for the first time.

"I love it," Jaylan told KPRC. "I'm speechless, way more than we asked for. Completely grateful."

It's a gift that will help Jaylan keep a promise he made to his mother: to take care of Julian.

"[I] try my best to keep him in check, make sure he doesn't get in trouble and make sure he's loved," Jaylan said while tearing up.

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The renovations took three months, and Lakewood Church, located in Houston, helped furnish the home.

"What a Celebration! We were able to welcome home Jaylan and his brother Julian back to their home that was destroyed and unlivable after the winter storm," Katy Responds said on their website.

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For the brothers, the kind act from the organization and volunteers showed them they aren't alone.

"It makes me so happy to see that there's good people," Julian told KPRC. "I just like the way we've been treated. I didn't think anything good would happen."