22 Interesting As Hell Photos I Found On The Internet This Week

22 Interesting As Hell Photos I Found On The Internet This Week

1.This mailman's hat, which has a solar panel on top that powers its built-in fan:

Person wearing a large straw hat with a vent on top, viewed from above
u/hiddenplantain / Reddit / Via

2.This LIDL parking structure in Crete that casually houses a preserved archaeological site:

Exhibit with artifacts behind glass and informational panel in a parking garage setting
u/stanxv / Reddit / Via

3.This view of Antarctica on a flight from Chile to Australia:

Aerial view of snowy landscape through airplane window, another plane's contrail in the distance
u/MichaelT1991 / Reddit / Via

4.This person's phone camera, which captures these flames as purple instead of the orange they are IRL:

Cooking meal with four seasoned pork chops in a skillet, and pots of milk and peas, hot dogs on a stove
u/fadedtile / Reddit / Via

5.This person's *checks notes* FLESH-EATING SPIDER BITE that turned into a heart-shaped scar, because I guess the spider was a little sorry:

Bruise on skin shaped like a heart

6.This wall in Lyon, France that — believe it or not — is 100% painted:

Painted mural of notable individuals on building facade, including windows and architectural details

7.This seasoning that — yes — is made by the same Dell that makes computers:

Two spice bottles labeled "Natural Cajun Season" and "Natural BBQ Season" by DELL Technologies, on a white surface
u/StaticHolocene / Reddit / Via

8.This house that has its own built-in vacuum system:

A person's finger pointing at an open, empty wall-mounted vacuum inlet, with a coiled hose below it

9.This battery that can be recharged with a phone charger:

Hand holding a green AA battery with recycling symbols and instructions
u/dustyraisininacorner / Reddit / Via

10.This biker's lace safety vest, which puts the fun in functional:

Person on a bicycle wearing a high-visibility vest, viewed from behind
u/e-9O / Reddit / Via

11.This 99-year-old penny that is still in circulation (and certainly looks like it has seen better days):

United States Lincoln wheat penny from 1925 with visible wear and tear
u/sparkl3butt / Reddit / Via

12.This grocery store that has a self-checkout machine built into their shopping carts:

Self-checkout kiosk screen reads "Skip the line" with a barcode scanner and payment terminal adjacent

13.This literal onion ring:

onion ring that is in the shape of a diamond ring
u/Alert-Journalist596 / Reddit / Via

14.This 20th-century bridge in Aberystwyth, Wales that was built over an 18th-century turnpike, which was also built over a medieval bridge, and kept the latter two visible:

Stone bridge with dual arches over a gorge, surrounded by vegetation
u/Mobile-Count-5148 / Reddit / Via

15.These garlic bread-flavored Lay's potato chips from Thailand that I personally need to try, like, immediately:

Lays "Taste of Italy" garlic bread flavor chip packet with promotional text and product image
u/wild--wes / Reddit / Via

16.This person, whose hands were dyed yellow and black from harvesting and shucking wild walnuts:

Person showing a hand with dark smudges, likely from a substance or activity, with a ring on the ring finger

17.This fish-shaped ingot used for cooking (like in water you boil for pasta, for example), that, according to the OP, can supplement you with up to five years' worth of iron:

Decorative fish-shaped object in a basin


u/amg433 / Reddit / Via

18.This hotel that has a handy vending machine guide to make finding exactly what you're craving super easy:

Vending machine directory sign with machine and floor listings for Pepsi, Coke, water, snacks, and ice
u/Impracticalweeb / Reddit / Via

19.This grocery store in the UK that has special tags you can quietly leave on a cart that has wonky or, uh, not-so-quiet wheels:

Sign reads "Wonky wheels? If your trolley has a mind of its own, please stick a tag on it" with orange tags labeled "Please repair me" below

20.This couple's wedding receipt from 1961, which cost about $580 total in USD:

Image of a stained receipt with numerous handwritten line items and totals, some text redacted for privacy
Anonymous / Reddit / Via

21.This person who caught a perfect snowflake in her hair:

Person with wet hair, snowflakes visible, wearing a winter jacket
u/GDITurbo77 / Reddit / Via

22.And finally, this vending machine in Switzerland, that is exclusively for fondue cheeses:

A vending machine with several shelves filled with packaged cheese fondue sets

h/t r/mildlyinteresting