26 recipes that will have you cooking like a true Midwesterner

When you think of dishes you can only find in the Midwest, a few things come to mind. Cheese, casseroles and other convenience dishes may seem like the cuisine of the region but from Ohio to Nebraska, you’ll find so much more.

You see, the idea that America is a salad bowl of different cultures and countries doesn’t apply only to the coasts. Many Europeans settled in the Midwest in the 19th and 20th centuries, bringing their food with them. Dishes like pierogies, kolaches, sauerkraut and Swedish meatballs may not be common in every restaurant in New York or L.A., but you sure as heck can find them all across the Midwest.

If you want to cook like a Midwesterner, stock up on your ground beef, pastry dough and spices — and yes, cheese — and learn to make these delicious regional recipes.

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