These 21 Pictures Show Just How Violently Cold It Was At The Chiefs Game In Kansas City

1. Taylor Swift was at yet another Chiefs game on Saturday, but this time, we're not (totally) talking about her. We're talking about how cold it was.

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2. It was so cold that player's heads were literally STEAMING.

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3. Temperatures were around -4 degrees at kickoff, and it felt like -20.

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4. It was the fourth coldest game in NFL history.

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5. And it was the coldest game in Arrowhead Stadium history.

Getty Images/ Twitter: @KIRO7Seattle

6. It was so cold that the beer was frozen.

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7. Really, most drinks just turned to ice.

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8. This video of water instantly freezing out of a refrigerator is wild, like the refrigerator was keeping the water WARM.

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9. Coach Andy Reid's mustache completely froze.

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10. It wasn't pretty!

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11. It was so cold that they showed a fireplace at halftime.

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12. This person's mask was literally an imprint of their face.

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13. The windows on the suites were freezing over.

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14. Taylor could barely see!

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15. It was so cold that part of Patrick Mahomes's helmet fell off.

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16. Really, a big chunk was taken out:

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17. Luckily for Chiefs fans, they won.

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18. People who went to the game are wearing it as a badge of honor.

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19. And we got some good signs out of it.

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20. I personally like this one:

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21. Let's just pray this man is okay.

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