My 2024 quandary: Biden or Trump? I don’t like either choice. | Opinion

2024 quandary

I am in a quandary of sorts, feeling that I am a reasonably intelligent voter but that my choices for 2024 are now limited to a president with a very challenging performance rating and even tougher job approval rating (40%). Or, a likely Republican opponent who faces 91 criminal charges.

Honestly, I don’t find pride in this information as a voter for the highest office in the land. I do not want a convicted felon as my leader.

It seems that millions of American voters face my same challenge, waiting on some improvement to this set of choices. But instead the ”politics” just continue to worsen. Our “leaders” should be just that — people who represent the country in the highest form of capability.

Mary Clayton, Charlotte


Sue Worrel is CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte. Asher Knight is Senior Rabbi at Temple Beth El and vice president of MeckMIN.

Though saddened by the cancellation of MeckMIN’s Thanksgiving interfaith service, the calls to expel Jewish leaders from the organization’s interfaith work because they hold Zionist views that support Jewish statehood were far worse.

Assessing Jews’ morality by whether they support the existence of a Jewish state is antisemitic, serving only to isolate the Jewish community and further divide our society. It reinforces stereotypes and increases the opportunity for harmful misunderstandings.

We can no longer be patient — leaving this rhetoric unchecked is too dangerous for Jews and the larger Charlotte community. We must condemn hateful language and antisemitic double standards before they are allowed to fester.

Sue Worrel

Asher Knight

David Tepper

Panthers owner David Tepper has been a disaster since Day One. He fired his soccer and football coaches, traded needed draft picks for an undersized quarterback, and created a hostile relationship with S.C. elected leaders. He may know a lot about making money in hedge funds, but he has struck out when it comes to the business of pro sports and personnel. He needs to sell and leave. We’d all be better fans if he did.

Floyd Prophet, Kannapolis

Revive the parade

I truly miss the Charlotte Thanksgiving parade. I always attended the Carrousel parade growing up and later watched it on TV. It was sad watching it this year. There were hardly any marching bands, performers were lip-synching (badly), floats were sparse and the anchors talked through the whole parade. I know it’s expensive, but it would be wonderful if it could be restored to what it used to be and held again on Thanksgiving Day. In times past, the only parade that matched ours was Macy’s. Bring back Charlotte’s gem!

Debbie Stegall, Concord

Davidson College

I understand the disappointment of Issac Bailey, a Davidson College alumnus, that the main administrative building on the campus still bears the name of Maxwell Chambers.

Chambers apparently developed a sensitive conscience on the practice of slavery. In 1842, he freed 18 or 20 enslaved workers, providing funds to begin their life anew. At his death his will provided for the freedom of 29 additional enslaved workers with the provision to reach safe haven, although he did bequeath other slaves to family and friends.

Chambers’ will also provided a gift of $250,000 to Davidson College, which enabled it to survive and prosper in the post-Civil War years. In today’s currency the gift could be valued at more than $10 million. Is it any wonder the trustees voted to place his name on the main building of the campus?

Thomas K. Spence Jr., Sanford


Despite clear scientific evidence that our climate predicament is worse than forecast, nothing much is changing. In the Nov. 22 article, “Top companies quietly lobby to end climate policies,” we get what we’ve come to expect. Executives continue to grab the most money possible, ignoring dire environmental consequences and the risk to their own offspring. This kind of greenwashing is the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” trick. What’ll it take to break this cycle, besides the public’s refusal to be fooled?

Debbie George, Charlotte