When are the 2023 Grammy Awards?

2023 has barely begun and the entertainment world is already gearing up for the Grammys, Oscars, Emmys, Baftas, and so many more.

With so many awards to keep track of, you may have some questions. Like, what’s the difference between the Golden Globes and SAG Awards? And better yet, who’s voting for each of these major TV, film and music awards anyway?

Here’s a detailed guide to all of the top major award ceremonies of 2023 and when they’re expected to air.

Film & TV

Golden Globes: 10 January

Kicking off the awards circuit was the Golden Globes, which honours the best in film and American TV from the year prior.

Golden Globe trophy (Getty Images)
Golden Globe trophy (Getty Images)

Who votes: The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, a nonprofit organisation comprised of entertainment journalists and photographers in media companies predominately outside the US.

Find the full list of 2023 Golden Globe winners here.

Critics’ Choice Awards: 15 January

Another combined TV and film ceremony honouring the finest in cinematic and television achievement is the Critics’ Choice Awards.

Who votes: Vetted movie and TV critics who are paid to watch titles released the year the ballots are sent out.

British Academy Film Awards (Bafta): 19 February

Bafta Awards trophy (AP)
Bafta Awards trophy (AP)

The Baftas are the British equivalent of the Oscars, where the best British and international films are honoured.

Who votes: Members of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts who are creatives and professionals working in the UK’s film, television and games industries.

SAG Awards: 26 February

The SAG Awards recognise outstanding performances in movies and prime-time television.

Who votes: The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), an American labour union, which represents over a hundred thousand film and TV actors, journalists, radio presenters, recording artists, singers, voice actors and other media professionals.

Find the full list of 2023 SAG Awards nominees here.

Academy Awards (The Oscars): 12 March

The Oscars trophy (Getty Images)
The Oscars trophy (Getty Images)

Regarded by many as the most prestigious film award, the Oscars are one of the four major American entertainment awards needed for an EGOT (someone who has secured all four major awards – Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony).

Who votes: The Academy is the exclusive organisation encompassing 17 groups within the entertainment industry: actors, casting directors, cinematographers, costume designers, directors, documentary filmmakers, executives, film editors, makeup artists and hairstylists, marketing and public relations, music, producers, production design, short films and feature animation, sound, visual effects and writers, in addition to members at large.

British Academy Television Awards: TBD

While the Baftas originally covered both TV and film, it was divided into two ceremonies in 1998. The British Academy Television Awards only honours British programmes. However, the audience-voted Audience Award and International Award are open to international programmes.

Who votes: Eligible members of the British Academy.

BET Awards (Black Entertainment TV Awards): TBD

The BET Awards is an entire ceremony devoted to celebrating Black entertainers and other minorities in music, film, sports and philanthropy.

Who votes: The BET Awards Voting Academy is made up of bloggers, music industry folk and anybody who can pass an in-depth online quiz that tests their knowledge regarding the different industries represented at the awards.

Emmy Awards: TBD, typically in September

The Emmy trophy (Getty Images)
The Emmy trophy (Getty Images)

Representing the “E” in EGOT are the Emmys, the annual TV awards show presenting an array of honours for artistic and technical merit for both the American and international television industry.

Who votes: The Television Academy is a large group of voting members, divided into 29 “peer groups”. Everyone is allowed to vote in 16 general categories (Best Drama Series, Best Comedy Series, etc). But, when it comes to performer-based awards (Best Lead Actor/Actress), only specific peer groups can vote.

National Television Awards: 5 September

The National Television Awards are often considered one of the biggest nights in British TV, typically with a focus on reality shows (Love Island), talent shows (Strictly Come Dancing) and news-based shows (This Morning).

Who votes: What makes the NTAs so special is the winners are decided entirely by the general public, Britain’s general public, that is. Any votes made outside the UK, Eire, the Channel Isles and Isle of Man, are not counted.

Music & Theatre

Grammy Awards: 5 February

Grammy trophy (Getty Images)
Grammy trophy (Getty Images)

The prestigious and well-known Grammy Awards recognise “outstanding” achievements in the music industry. They’re another one of the four major American entertainment awards needed to achieve an EGOT.

Who votes: Presented by the Recording Academy, a learned school of musicians, producers, recording engineers and other musical professionals.

Academy of Country Music Awards (ACMAs): 11 May

The Academy of Country Music Awards was the first country music awards programme held by a major organisation. It celebrates the industry’s accomplishments from the year before.

Who votes: A panel of judges composed of songwriters, publishers, producers, and performing rights organisation representatives submit five nominees for each category. Once the nominees are approved by the ACMA Board of Directors, then members – divided into specific categories: artist/musician/producer/engineer, songwriter, music publisher/PRO and record company – vote.

Tony Awards: 11 June

Tony Awards trophy (Getty Images)
Tony Awards trophy (Getty Images)

The Tony Awards are often forgotten as one of the four major American entertainment awards. They honour excellence in live Broadway theatre and represent the “T” in EGOT.

Who votes: A rotating group of theatre professionals selected by the Tony Awards Administration Committee are asked to see every new Broadway production before they meet each year to determine the nominees. Then members of the New York theatre community, including actors, writers, directors, designers, managers, casting directors and administrative staff, who are also expected to attend all nominated productions, vote for the winners.

MTV Video Music Awards: 27 August

American cable channel MTV hosts its Video Music Awards, honouring the best in the music video medium from the past year.

Who votes: An unspecified voting committee votes for the VMA’s “professional” categories like Best Directions, Best Visual Effects, etc. All other categories are decided by online fan votes.

Country Music Association Awards (CMAs): TBD

The Country Music Association Awards are one of the two biggest ceremonies for country music. Broadcasted live from Nashville, the capital of country music, the awards are bestowed upon country music artists and broadcasters, in recognition of their outstanding achievement in the country music industry.

Who votes: Voting members consist of people whose primary income comes from the music business, such as artists, managers, publicists, journalists, engineers, songwriters, etc. Recording and publishing companies can also sign up for CMA membership, however, CMA employees are ineligible to vote.

American Music Awards (AMAs): 19 November

The American Music Awards were initially created in 1973 by Dick Clark for ABC. They celebrate the latest and greatest talents making up the contemporary music scene.

Who votes: What started out as a decision among members of the music industry, with nominees and winners based on sales and airplay numbers, later turned into a ceremony determined by fan votes.