2022 Toyota Land Cruiser Customers Banned From Reselling Car Due to Safety Concerns

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Despite being retired from the US market because of reduced sales, Toyota Land Cruiser is popular across many regions in the world. So much so that the SUV recently joined Dubai Police’s fleet. Racking up more than 22,000 pre-orders in Japan alone, the latest Land Cruiser 300 model was recently revealed in India as well. Toyota, however, has forbidden its customers from reselling the sporty road beast, as reported by a Japanese car review blog Creative311.

The website shared a photo of an agreement form originally posted by a car enthusiast and Youtuber Shima Base. The form asks customers to agree that they would not export or resell the ordered vehicle. Not complying with the terms of the agreement will prompt a purchase ban by Toyota.

The terms were explained by the company by citing risks of foreign exchange law violations and usage that could lead to major problems that could threaten global security. Effectively, Toyota is trying to cut off terrorists’ access to its range of vehicles that are efficient in travelling across tough terrains.

The move comes after the United States government asked the Japanese auto manufacturer why terrorist groups have so many Toyota vehicles. To which the company replied that it did not know. The terrorist group Islamic State’s recent propaganda videos have extensively featured Toyota vehicles.

To ensure that the new Land Cruiser does not attract similar infamy, Toyota is armed with its new agreement policy. Violations can lead to penalties by the company to the dealers and by the dealers upon the customers, the report added.

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The new Land Cruiser 300 is the latest in the longest-running series of models produced by Toyota. The LandCruiser series is also the second longest-running SUV in production. The latest four-wheeler model has a revamped design and much lighter weight, reduced by about 200 kg since its predecessor.

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