MONTREAL, Sept. 26, 2022 /CNW Telbec/ - Transplant Québec is asking Québec to initiate a societal discussion on the issue of organ donation. This appeal stems specifically from a survey carried out with Quebecers regarding consent and the commitments made by the main political parties in connection with various aspects of organ donation and transplantation, notably that of undertaking a non-partisan dialogue on organ donation reform. In this context, Transplant Québec is requesting that a formal process be established during the first year of the future government's term.

"As part of the general elections, Transplant Québec transmitted a questionnaire to political parties to gauge their respective positions on the essential elements that will make it possible to improve Quebec's performance and reassert our leadership role in this field," said Sylvain Lavigne, Interim Executive Director of Transplant Québec.

In Quebec, optimizations of the organ and tissue donation system are required in order to save more lives. These improvements must be set out in a new, specific and complete legislative framework. In order to achieve this, however, Transplant Québec is of the opinion that a formal discussion process is required to spur a social reflection on these delicate issues. If there is a desire for Quebec to make significant strides in this regard, it is necessary to engage civil society in a transparent process, as was the case with the Select Committee on Dying with Dignity.

This request comes in response to the results of a survey conducted last spring in partnership with the Léger firm. The survey data confirmed the need to initiate a dialogue, since Quebecers seem to be deeply divided on the issue. For example, some 42% of Quebecers would like to see the form of the current organ donation consent preserved (explicit consent), while 43% would like to see it changed in favour of a presumed consent model whereby all people are deemed to be donors, unless they explicitly express their refusal.

"There is no miracle solution for managing organ donation issues. However, we know that there is an essential ingredient for ensuring that the process is successful, and that's political will. That's why we're calling on all the elected officials who join the National Assembly this fall to show courage in initiating this open and non-partisan dialogue on the reform of organ donation, so that we can save more lives," added Sylvain Lavigne.

About Transplant Québec

Transplant Québec has a mandate from the Minister of Health and Social Services to save lives and improve the health of persons in need of a transplant by coordinating the organ donation process, ensuring the equitable allocation of organs, supporting best clinical practices through consensus-building and the mobilization of its partners, and promoting organ donation in the society at large. Transplant Québec therefore works to ensure that the greatest possible number of Quebecers waiting for an organ can benefit from a transplant in as timely a fashion as practicable.

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