2021 Porsche 911 picks up new features, including some options from the Turbo S

Joel Stocksdale
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Following the reveal of the 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S, Porsche has announced that this year's 911 Carrera models will get a variety of new options, including several from that uber 911. The new options run the gamut from convenience items to styling.

Starting with the Turbo S features, the regular 911 Carreras can now be fitted with different kinds of glass. If you're more performance minded, there's a lightweight glass package. For extra comfort, there's a glass package that adds additional noise insulation. Note that the glass options are only available on 911 Carrera coupes. Available on both coupes and convertibles is the new leather upholstery option designed to look like 930 generation 911 Turbo upholstery. This design is standard on the Turbo S, which also introduced the look.

A couple of driver aids have also become available on the 911 range. The optional axle-lift feature, which raises the nose of the car to clear speed bumps and steep driveways, now has a GPS function. Just like on the C8 Corvette, press a button, and the car will remember that you raise the nose at specific saved locations and do it automatically in the future. On PDK automatic-equipped 911s, Porsche is now offering the InnoDrive adaptive cruise control system. This system, in addition to adjusting speed based on cars ahead of it, will also adjust speeds based on speed limits and when approaching corners. Then there's the update to the Sport Chrono Package, which now has a tire temperature readout.

Finally, there are a couple of aesthetic options added to the new model year of 911. The regular Carrera models can now be painted in the bold Python Green color, first available on the 718 Cayman GTS 4.0 and also available on the 911 Turbo S. The ambient lighting option has been renamed, fittingly, Ambient Lighting Package, and it features seven different color choices.

Pricing has not been announced for any of these options. Availability is also still unknown yet, but expect more details in the coming months.

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