2 American Men, Ages 25 and 35, Found Dead in Body of Water After Falling from Cliffs in Spain

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The Punta d'en Tomas bay is seen from Formentor Cape on July 23, 2021 in Mallorca, Spain.
The Punta d'en Tomas bay is seen from Formentor Cape on July 23, 2021 in Mallorca, Spain.


The bodies of two American men were found floating in waters off the coast of Mallorca, Spain.

The deceased individuals — believed to be ages 25 and 35 — suffered fatal falls while climbing seaside cliffs, according to CBS News. The outlet also reported that the men were discovered earlier this week.

Authorities believe the men were practicing a dangerous form of climbing called deep-water soloing, which relies on water below a cliff to reduce risk in the event of a fall —provided there's deep enough and safe waters below.

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Tuesday afternoon, swimmers noticed a body floating in the water, The Guardian reported. A spokesperson for the Guardia Civil in Mallorca told the outlet that a local lifeguard and the swimmers attempted to provide the individual with "first aid, but were unable to revive him." Moments later, the other body was spotted.

"The maritime rescue service arrived but there was nothing more to be done," the Guardia Civil said.

Personal belongings, such as keys and other items, were found atop rocks on the cliff, The Guardian reported. An investigation into their deaths is ongoing.

Authorities told CBS News in a statement that it appears "there was a rockslide," causing the men to fall.

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Clayton Reagan, a climber who has done deep-water soloing on the Mallorca coast before, told ExplorersWeb.com spoke about the tragedy, "All sports have inherent risk, but that doesn't make this accident any less tragic. Mallorca is such bold and magical place."

"I can't help but wonder if something out of the ordinary happened for both climbers to perish. My condolences to the families."

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