2 in 5 Americans believe ghosts are real and 1 in 5 say they've seen one, survey says

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With Halloween only days away, a new survey reveals 2 in 5 Americans believe ghosts exists, and 1 in 5 say they've actually seen a ghost.

YouGov surveyed about 1,000 adults and discovered not all Americans believe supernatural creatures are just comics and tall tales. About 43% of adults say they believe demons exists, and 8% to 9% said werewolves and vampires exist.

The survey also took education into account: Those with a postgraduate degree were less likely to believe in supernatural beings. When it comes to gender, the survey found women who completed a four-year degree were more likely to believe in ghosts than men with the same education level.

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About 51% of Republicans believed demons are real, while 34% of Democrats agreed. In terms of actual ghost sightings, 20% of Americans claim they've seen one. But only 11% say they've encountered a demon, and 3% say they've seen a vampire.

This year's results showed a slight drop in Americans who say ghosts are real. In 2019, 4 in 10 Americans believed in ghosts, and more than 46% agreed that supernatural beings exist. In this year's survey, about 41% of adults said they believe in ghosts.

While in 2019 14% of people believed in vampires, today just 11% agree. The past survey showed slightly more adults believed in demons, with 45% saying they're real.

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Do ghosts exist? 2 in 5 Americans say so, some say they've seen one

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