1GCX Partners With T3 Research to Launch Liquidity Fund, $2 Billion in AUM

With liquidity from the fund, 1GCX aims to increase trade volume on its carbon credits exchange and vastly scale the carbon offsets market.

ZUG, Switzerland, September 28, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Digital asset and tokenized carbon credit exchange 1GCX has partnered with T3 Research, a principal trading firm specializing in cryptocurrency, commodities, and carbon offsets, to enhance liquidity on the 1GCX exchange.

With over $2 billion in assets under management and $100 million in liquidity dedicated to carbon offsets, the T3 fund will significantly increase trade volume on the 1GCX carbon credits exchange and drive revenue for the rapidly growing carbon offsets market. The liquidity that T3 provides supports 1GCX’s effort to expand access to secure, verifiable environmental assets and establish a standard for buying and selling carbon credits in a burgeoning industry.

"Carbon credits have the potential to scale to a multi-trillion dollar market over the next several years, but the market opportunity is still relatively untapped as the sector continues to mature," said Michael Wilson, President and COO of 1GCX. "By partnering with T3 Research as a third-party liquidity provider, we will ensure a constant stream of liquidity on the 1GCX exchange in order to drive price discovery and trade volume while normalizing supply and demand for the tokenized carbon credits market."

T3 trades across multiple exchanges within the cryptocurrency and commodities markets in order to close the spread on 1GCX. The partnership will also provide investors on the 1GCX platform with new offerings including live spot trading of carbon offsets, significantly reducing the possibility of misquoted spot pricing in carbon offset markets and aiding in the development of automatic OTC quoting. The fund will also support inter-asset pairings, strengthening the cryptocurrency market and bringing new pairings to commodities traders.

Launched in October 2021, 1GCX connects carbon credit providers with environmentally focused retail and institutional investors looking to diversify their portfolio within these markets. Leveraging the speed and security of digitized trading, 1GCX aims to remedy existing challenges in the carbon credits industry including fraud, duplication, and misrepresentation of carbon credit sales. Traders on 1GCX have access to a diverse range of crypto assets including BTC, ETH, AVAX, and SOL, in addition to tokenized carbon credits from top verifiers, certifiers, and project developers in the carbon markets.

About 1GCX

1GCX is a digital asset exchange offering cryptocurrency, commodity, and carbon offset trading. The platform was founded to develop the future of environmental and energy markets. 1GCX’s mission is to empower the digital and sustainable revolution, de-stagnating the flow of both capital and financial assets to best build and expand energy, environmental, and financial markets. 1GCX provides the first global digital carbon registry to incentivize scaling and rigorous classification of carbon assets. For more information, visit 1gcx.com.

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