This 19-year-old Miami singer is releasing another single about heartbreak

At the age of 11, Fabian Zignago realized that the quickest way to impress the ladies at his middle school was by strumming a guitar. Since then, the Peruvian singer-songwriter, now 19, has carved out a name for himself by crafting soul-stirring ballads.

In his upcoming new single, “Amor,” the artist delves into the story of someone breaking free from a toxic relationship and getting their groove back. To write and produce this song, he drew from his own experiences, sharing the highs and lows he’s had in his 19 years.

Taking a page out of Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes’ playbook, Zignago started his career by sharing music covers on social media platforms like Instagram, SoundCloud, and YouTube. He hails from a family of musical prodigies and lyricists. His father is Grammy Award-winning singer, Gian Marco. His sister Nichole was nominated for a Grammy. Even his grandparents were involved in the entertainment industry. Show business is in his blood.

Fabian Zignago’s father Gian Marco has won the Latin Grammy Award for Best Singer-Songwriter Album three times.
Fabian Zignago’s father Gian Marco has won the Latin Grammy Award for Best Singer-Songwriter Album three times.

“I can’t remember a time when music wasn’t part of my life,” Zignago reflects. “The earliest song I recall hearing was by Robbie Williams and I believe it was titled ‘Angels.’ It’s been a part of my memories for as long as I can remember.”

Throughout the years, a diverse range of genres has shaped Fabian Zignago’s musical tastes, particularly those from Latin America and the United States. “When it comes to songwriting, I draw inspiration from Alejandro Sanz,” he shares. “And sound-wise, I look up to this amazing artist named Omar Apollo.”

Fabian Zignago plans to release an EP later on this year.
Fabian Zignago plans to release an EP later on this year.

As his songwriting has evolved, Zignago said that his lyrics have taken on a deeper significance. “My lyrics can be either highly metaphorical or easy to digest, but they always carry a meaningful message,” he said. Zignago’s debut single, “Ajedrez” —a song about a thrilling night with a new lover– has already amassed over 100,000 streams on Spotify, much to his astonishment.

“I never expected so many people to listen to my first release, especially since I was just testing the waters,” he said. “But I’m thrilled with the reaction, and I’m grateful for the support of my growing following.”

For Zignago, songwriting serves as a therapeutic outlet, and he prefers to work on his own. “Collaborating with others can be challenging, particularly when it comes to opening up on a deep level,” he said. “When it’s your own project, you want it to be perfect and executed exactly as you envision it. That’s just how I approach my music.”

He describes his songwriting process as a “vomit of ideas.”

“Literally, just whatever comes in,” he says. “It’s like a jigsaw. You throw a bunch of ideas out in a notebook. And then you slowly piece together and add words to it.”

As he promotes his new single, “Amor,” Fabian Zignago has been teasing fans with cryptic snippets via social media, sharing sneak peeks of the song’s lyrics.

The song has an ‘80s-inspired sound and a more stripped-down approach compared to his previous works. “We aimed to keep the instrumentation as simple as possible, with only a few instruments such as the piano, bass, drum, and some guitars,” he said. “Unlike my other tracks, which often have synths, multiple guitar layers, and vocal stacking, ‘Amor’ is a very straightforward raw song.”

Zignago currently studies at the Abbey Road Institute Miami — a boutique, one-year intensive music production program with legendary Grammy Award-winning producer Julio Reyes Copello. This program aims to provide the skills he needs to succeed in the music industry and allows him to collaborate with talented artists and producers.

Reyes Copello has worked with such artists as Mark Anthony and Emilio Estefan and is helping Zignago produce his first EP, which is expected to be released in September. “People are going to be able to tell my evolution songwriting-wise and sound-wise with this project,” Zignago says.

Said Julio Reyes Copello: “Fabian has truly impressed me with his latest single ‘Amor.’ The songwriting, production, and vocals all demonstrate a high level of creativity and talent. The song took me back to relieve the memories of how I got over my first breakup.”

Zignago said he aspires to perform more shows in Miami with the ultimate goal of touring. “Miami has an incredible scene for up-and-coming artists like myself. Playing in bars and other venues with that kind of culture, like the one that existed with The Flick Coffeehouse, has been an amazing experience. I hope to continue to make a name for myself here and beyond.”

“Amor” is set to release on March 25, available across all major streaming platforms.

Giulia Barbieri is a student journalist at the Lee Caplin School of Journalism & Media at Florida International University.