18 Photos That Made Me Giggle Like An Idiot

18 Photos That Made Me Giggle Like An Idiot

Everybody makes spelling mistakes sometimes. But some spelling mistakes are just so spectacularly wrong — or at least specifically wrong — that they end up being accidentally hilarious. If you don't know what I mean, just check out these over-the-top typos:

1.I hope the flight crews are being screened as well as screamed.

"Sir you have to go through the screaming lane"
u/Cxlf / Via reddit.com

2.Gonna put some of this in my sald.

A bowl of fresh spinach leaves with a pair of tongs, and a label with a misspelled word "SPINCH" in front
u/Aidypoo1 / Via reddit.com

3.To be fair, Phineas and Ferb both have weird names.

Tweet from user discussing plans to dress as Ferb for Disney movie character day, but they continuously misspell Phineas as Puenius
u/tastyjalapeno / Via reddit.com


Back of a truck with a misspelled text sticker "REMBER PERL HORBOR" on the window
u/spacialHistorian / Via reddit.com

5.With this many attempts, you'd think they would accidentally spell it right.

Screenshot of a text exchange with users failing repeatedly to spell ukulele
u/frenchnumbers / Via reddit.com

6.I love how this misspelling has a bit of an accent.

Text conversation with humorous misunderstanding of Spanish phrase "sí se puede."
u/jimmynudetron69 / Via reddit.com

7.Dimensia...is that when you accidentally travel to different dimensions?

Billboard with negative political message about Joe Biden saying he is unfit because of his "dimensia"
u/moosebaloney / Via reddit.com

8.That's a looooooong storm.

Sign on door stating closure at 10 pm due to the storm and reopening at 8 am the next day with incorrect year 20019
u/NotChadKanner / Via reddit.com

9.Well then I'm sure all the ants are very happy to see him.

Rear window of a car with text "OBAMA IS THE ANTCHRIST" written on it
u/deleted / Via reddit.com

10.Lazaniya kinda sounds like a prescription drug to me.

Aluminum tray labeled "lazaniya with cheese"
u/badoobadee / Via reddit.com

11.Use tongues? Who am I, Ariana Grande? (This joke brought to you by the year 2015.)

A display case with donuts and a sign that reads "PLEASE USE TOuNGES NO HANDS," indicating a misspelling of "tongs."
u/Jen61116 / Via reddit.com

12.Oh you will, will you?

Collage of four images showing a wheelbarrow, with the mistaken text "Will bolow" in a sales post
u/Lethal_Trousers / Via reddit.com

13.At least they googled this one.

Screenshot of a web search for "quaason" resulting in a Wikipedia page for "Croissant," implying a humorous spelling mistake
u/SliceofSeoul / Via reddit.com

14.Why does this misspelling sound British to me?

Image showing two bowls of ice cream with strawberries, with a humorous misspelling "sterobrys" in the caption
u/fuckingmermaid / Via reddit.com

15.And this one just sounds very Southern American.

A shaker filled with grated cheese labeled "Parma Jawn" placed on a bar countertop
u/CabernetCheaptrick / Via reddit.com

16.I'm guessing they only bothered to check the spelling on one and not the other.

A screenshot of a social media post with a typo, someone mistakenly wrote "Stumic virus" instead of stomach, despite spelling pneumonia correctly
u/joaoGarcia / Via reddit.com

17.There's just a lot going on here.

Three food signs with humorous misspellings: Biscuits as "BUSICUTS," Scrambled Eggs as "SCARMMBLED EGGS," and jelly assorted as "Jelly ass"
u/born2stab / Via reddit.com

18.Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these. Have a hashtag Belssed day.

Hand holding a sign with the misspelled word "belssed" in a store
u/Grillos / Via reddit.com

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