17 Signs From This Past Week That Are So Hilarious, They Actually Gave Me A Glimmer Of Hope For 2024

It's that time again — time to enjoy the funniest signs of the week, courtesy of r/funnysigns. Feel free to giggle, chortle, and laugh to your heart's content:

1."My car wash is really funny."

"Did we just hit a unicorn?"

2."Somewhere in Australia apparently."

"Surface still fucked"

3."Please don’t have an emergency at this location."

"Emergency Phone is Out of Service"

4."They’re out of c*ck."

"Sorry Out of Cock"

5."It qualifies as a sign, and it’s damn funny…"

"Drunk Octopus Wants to Fight!"

6."Beware of Zeb."

"Zeb throws objects"

7."Take that, criminals."

"No crime 8am - 6pm"

8."Life will not let you forget your 'high school' days even if you want to."

"Don't forget high school"

9."Save advice."

"Save 100% when you don't buy anything"

10."Sign in washroom at work."

"Poop with friends" and "Poop alone"

11."The naked man fears no pickpocket."

"The naked man fears no pick pocket"

12."I’ve urned the right!"

"No golfing in the cemetery"

13."I’d rather not..."

"Please die slowly"

14."Drunken people."

"Drunken people crossing"

15."Is this true?"

"Just because you are offended doesn't mean you are right"

16."A good reason."

"Now I drink for evil"

17."Mom's authority."

"Against all authority except my mom"

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