17-year-old not allowed to borrow family van shoots his dad, Colorado cops say

A 17-year-old shot his father after he wasn’t allowed to borrow the family van, Colorado police said.

After his father told him he could not take the van, the teen went outside the Pueblo home with a rifle and started shooting the van, the Pueblo Police Department said in a Feb. 6 news release.

His father came outside after hearing gunfire, police said. The teen eventually turned and shot his father in the knee.

Officers arrived after getting a call about a shooting shortly after midnight on Feb. 4, police said.

They found 11 shell casings outside the home, as well as a van parked in front of the house with “several bullet holes in the windows,” according to police.

The son was taken to a youth detention center on a charge of first-degree assault, police said.

Pueblo is about 45 miles south of Colorado Springs.

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