16 People We Need To Check On, Because They Had The Worst Mold Infestations I've Ever Seen

16 People We Need To Check On, Because They Had The Worst Mold Infestations I've Ever Seen

We've all opened up a container of yogurt and seen it at some point: a big fuzzy chunk of mold staring right back at you. Molds belong to the kingdom Fungi and can appear anywhere that oxygen and moisture are present, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Mold in a yogurt container
Rdonar / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Some people are more sensitive to mold than others, but according to the New York State Department of Health, prolonged exposure to it can cause nasal and sinus congestion, eye irritation, headache, cough, and other symptoms.

A woman covering her eyes with her hand
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I'm equally as fascinated as I am horrified by mold, so when I realized there was a subreddit called r/MoldlyInteresting where people shared photos of their infestations, I was immediately hooked. Here are 16 of the wildest photos from the subreddit:

1.This mold someone found under their kid's bed:

Mold underneath a bed
u/elosoyonki / Via

2.This moldy tomato soup that looks like floating organs:

Mold in tomato soup
u/puketron / Via

3.This horrifying air fryer surprise:

Mold in an air fryer
u/seraphimnapalmstar / Via

4.This one, too:

Moldy fries in an air fryer
u/marconhas / Via

5.This shower from hell:

a moldy shower
u/honeybabythrowaway / Via

6.This spotted mess on the back of a TV:

Mold on the back of a TV set
u/mewmewx2 / Via

7.These lemons that became moldy after just three days:

moldy lemons
u/dangernoodle11 / Via

8.This abomination that was accidentally left in a tortilla warmer for a week:

a moldy tortilla
u/Dontdieman / Via

9.This mold swab test someone did of their AC that looks like it's from another planet:

Mold from someone's AC
u/no_name_maddox / Via

10.This toothbrush holder that should have been cleaned way more regularly:

mold in a toothbrush holder
u/chataou / Via

11.This contaminated steering wheel:

mold on a steering wheel
u/AwayTheThrowThe / Via

12.This ceramic pot that was left out for three weeks:

a moldy ceramic pot
u/sealpox / Via

13.These Eggos someone left under their bed:

moldy Eggos
u/fsuni2 / Via

14.This kinda beautiful clump of mold that formed in someone's black tea:

Moldy tea
u/arealfatcat / Via

15.This ceiling of doom:

Mold all over someone's ceiling
u/real-humanteeth / Via

16.And finally, this moldy beef jerky that someone accidentally ate HALF A POUND OF:

moldy beef jerky
u/heartpixi / Via

If you think you might have mold in your home, make sure to contact your local public health department, or hire a mold inspection company to come check things out.