16 People Who Got On A Soapbox, Cleared Their Throat, And Said Something Completely Incorrect

1.Greg Abbott, governor of Texas, took one look at this "Liam Nissan" Twitter account and decided it was the actual Liam Neeson, Oscar-nominated actor:

A Twitter account with the name Liam Nissan criticizes the border wall, and Gov. Greg Abbott responds "another Hollywood actor thinking they know what's best for Texas"
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2.Here's a person who didn't consider the fact that maybe people just weren't diagnosed back then:

Someone who says when they were in elementary school in the '70s, they didn't know anyone with a gluten allergy, peanut allergy, milk allergy, ADHD, autism, or asthma
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3.I get that the whole United Kingdom thing is confusing sometimes, but Wales is indeed a country:

Someone says Wales isn't a country, and when a response says it is a country with its own culture, anthem, and flag, the original poster says "my neighbor has their own flag"
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4.I'm just a boy, standing in front of the internet, begging everyone to please stop getting health advice from social media:

A social media post claims that ADHD is part of the autism spectrum, so having ADHD means you're autistic
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5.Funny how a discussion about Lost can reveal how "lost" this person is when it comes to reproductive health:

A person on a Lost forum says the Others were planning a C-section, not an abortion, and a responder says a C-section is a forced early termination, basically an abortion
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6.Before you call someone a dunce, check and see if the screenshot you posted directly contradicts what you're saying:

Someone says "Pokémon came out before Dragon Quest, you dunce" and posts a screenshot of their release dates; Dragon Quest was 1986, Pokémon was 1996
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7.Also, before you call someone a dunce, check your math:

This person says "9 out of 10 is the same thing as 19 out of 20, dunce"
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8.It can be both:

On a post saying to list five African countries, a responder's list includes South Africa; someone responds to that by saying "that ain't a country, that's a direction"
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9.Attractiveness is subjective, as proven by the MANY people out there who would definitely think Andre the Giant is hotter than Brad Pitt:

A Reddit user claims things only remain subjective to a certain point, with their evidence being that Brad Pitt is objectively more attractive than Andre the Giant
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10.Ah yes, football tournaments, the most official of all continental divides:

A person calls Australia an Asian country, a responder that's not true, and the original person says it is because their football team competes in the Asian Cup
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11.The thing that gets me here is that it seems like maybe they were thinking of Madagascar, which is STILL in Africa:

One person says "She is not African, she is Moroccan," a second person says "Morocco is in Africa," and the first person says "Morocco is an isle"
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12.Literally no one had heard of Norse mythology before God of War, duh:

Someone makes fun of a father for naming his daughter after a God of War character, a responder points out Freya is from Norse mythology, and the first person says "not a single person knew that before God of War"
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13.By "literally all of my knowledge," they mean "literally none of my knowledge":

Someone claims California allows abortions into the ninth month of pregnancy and Virginia allows children to be killed up to 40 hours after being delivered
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14.This person resurrected a thread nearly a year later just to be wrong:

Someone responds a year later to say "misspelled" should be "misspelt," gets a response showing misspelled is correct, and responds "just no"
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15.Does...does this person not believe in space? The quotation marks are concerning:

Someone says temperature in space (with space in quotation marks) is minus 457 degrees, and that it's weird it gets so cold when you get closer to the sun
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16.And finally, here's a good ol' entry into the "man not understanding how women's bodies work" category:

Someone claims when sperm enters a woman, it swims until it hits a wall and then seeps into the flesh, enters the bloodstream, and collects in the brain and spine
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