16 Hollyoaks spoilers for next week

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Next week on Hollyoaks, it's the end of the line for influencer Rayne Royce as she's killed off in an unmissable hour-long special.

Meanwhile, Felix proposes to Mercedes before having a dramatic showdown with Warren, and Sienna's plan continues to spiral out of control.

1. Felix proposes to Mercedes

felix westwood and mercedes mcqueen in hollyoaks
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Felix wants to make things right with Mercedes, who is having secret conversations with Warren about the guilt they are both feeling over their affair.

They are confused to both receive the same text from Felix to meet him at The Wreck.

Things start to unravel when a grand gesture goes awry and Felix proposes.

2. Rayne is left furious

felix westwood and mercedes mcqueen in hollyoaks
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Rayne is despairing, having failed to entice a guest list of content creators for her exclusive pool party.

Faye convinces her to invite her group of village companions instead, insisting that more drama will equal more viewers.

3. Prince and Hunter come up with a plan

prince mcqueen and hunter mcqueen in hollyoaks
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Prince and Hunter come up with a plan to grab Romeo's attention away from Rayne.

They decide to host a radio event together, causing him to feel excluded and reflect on his fractured relationship with his friends.

4. Nadira tries to reason with Rayne

ashling o'shea as nadira valli in hollyoaks
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Nadira is desperate to get Rafe's money back and isn't buying Rayne's excuse of it only being a deposit.

Rayne turns nasty with Nadira, threatening to tell Lacey that Nadira got the money for the luxurious house by illegal means.

5. Brent reappears

jesse fox as brent in hollyoaks
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Peri is still being held captive in a basement but manages to win Brent round with an idea.

They both turn up at the house where Rayne is holding her party, to everyone's surprise.

Prince later urges Peri to keep going on her quest to expose Rayne as a liar.

6. Rayne is found dead

rayne royce in hollyoaks
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Rayne announces a 'roast' at dinner – where they each open up about their true opinions on each other.

She picks apart her friends one by one, and when the game turns into 'Who would you kill?', everyone chooses Rayne.

Later in the episode, Rayne is found dead.

7. Felix catches Mercedes and Warren

warren fox and felix westwood in hollyoaks
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Mercedes, who has cheated on Felix with Warren and declined his marriage proposal, begs him to talk to her.

However, Felix is preoccupied with watching moments from his old family life with Martine.

Pearl tries to protect him but Mercedes is determined to prove their love is real.

Filled with self-loathing, Mercedes later sleeps with Warren again at the garage, unaware that Felix is watching.

8. Felix and Warren find themselves in danger

warren fox and felix westwood in hollyoaks
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Felix flees after seeing Mercedes and Warren together.

Warren knows where he is headed and follows in chase to a quarry they used to visit while at the children's home together.

At the clifftop, Warren tries to get Felix to connect with him as his mental health deteriorates. But when the situation intensifies, will they both make it home safely?

9. The police investigate Rayne's death

nadira, hollyoaks
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Rayne's death causes shock waves and Phoenix struggles with a sensory overload. He is helped by Hunter, who has to break the news to him.

Police storm the mansion and the group are taken into custody as detectives probe a murder enquiry and study online footage.

Secrets spill in the interview rooms and everyone becomes a suspect.

Prince has a motive – he was in bed with Faye, while Zoe suspects Brent.

Hunter protects Phoenix and pleads for him to be let out, and Lizzie rails from her cell about keeping Phoenix in custody.

Cool-headed Nadira wants a lawyer, but Peri thinks asking for one makes her look guilty.

10. Dilly spirals out of control

ethan williams and dilly harcourt in hollyoaks
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Back at Rafe's estate, Dilly is spinning out of control while trying to organise the ball for her late father.

Ethan takes her home drunk to Rafe who berates him as she is in recovery.

Ethan confesses he may have inadvertently blackmailed Tony to try and get the firework show approved.

11. Romeo and Lacey struggle with their grief

romeo, hollyoaks
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A bereft Romeo arrives back in the village with Nadira and Lacey to the house he shared with Rayne.

He is distraught as he looks at Rayne's belongings. Rayne's nasty, misplaced influencer stunts fade into insignificance as they recall all the good times they shared.

Devastated, Lacey remains conflicted – she loved Rayne but was their friendship real?

12. Nadira makes a confession

nadira valli and romeo nightingale in hollyoaks
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Nadira is distracted and Lacey questions why she is avoiding answering the phone to her boss Rafe.

Under pressure and anxious, Nadira confesses to Lacey that she stole the money to pay for the villa on the company credit card.

13. Warren hides a secret

warren fox in hollyoaks
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Distraught, Mercedes wants answers on Felix's whereabouts.

Warren is hiding something over what happened at the quarry and Joel knows this.

Warren refuses to share with Joel what is on his mind, until his worried son accuses him of relapsing onto abusing painkillers.

14. Rafe faces a new challenge

rafe harcourt and sienna blake in hollyoaks
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Rafe is still desperate to host a ball in memory of his late father. His plans are currently being scuppered by councillor Tony, who has blocked plans for a firework display and is against the event.

Rafe is furious that a hungover Dilly got drunk while in recovery and blames Ethan.

However, the pair bury the hatchet when Dilly and Ethan propose a plan to help win round Tony.

Ethan and Tony play to Tony's ego and lure him and Darren to a boozy meal at Rafe's.

15. Sienna is questioned by the police

sienna blake in hollyoaks
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Sienna is preparing for an induction day at the twins' potential new school, but she's interrupted by an investigator wanting to talk about the missing money from Rafe's account.

An innocent Sienna is questioned at the police station, but James comes to her rescue.

Sienna begins to fear for her children's future after this, convinced that Rafe won't honour the bursary he promised if he thinks she stole from him.

16. Lizzie makes a heartbreaking discovery

lizzie, hollyoaks
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Lacey tells Lizzie and Zoe that Rayne drove Sam out of the village by framing him.

Lizzie is heartbroken to have not believed her innocent brother and drags Dave away from Cindy to find him.

After telling Dave what's happened, Lizzie is shocked to hear that Dave has not been in contact with Sam since he left.

Hunter later confesses to Lizzie it was him who planted the photobook in Sam's car.

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