14 Times Men Proved They Still Don't Know (Or Care) How Women's Bodies Work In 2024

I can't believe I'm still writing posts like this in 2024, but it seems there are still men out there who are allergic to understanding the female body. So without further ado, here are a few examples, courtesy of r/badwomensanatomy:

1.This man who thinks women can "self-supply" milk at basically any time:

Comment says "You can stimulate them into it; I have met a few transfemale friends who have even been able to [self-supply], born male; as for cig women it's more feasible, lots of studies on it too"
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2.This man who seems to think women with boobs and back pain deserve to suffer:

"Breast reductions go against gods plan": "Do you have any idea the knee and back problems I get from being a 6'4, 240 pound giant? No; but women love me being big; I don't remove my shins do I?"
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3.This man who thinks periods happen because of "toxins in our environment":

Arguing against teens using tampons: "You want children to violate themselves so they don't have to learn hygiene; because of the toxins in our environment female bodies have been turned impure and leak blood"
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4.This man who seems to have eggs and ovaries confused:

"A woman does not produce an egg, she produces an ovary, then a man's sperm turns it into an egg"
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5.This man who thinks women can't orgasm without some kind of penetration:

"Women are more likely to cum with a combination of penetration, kissing of the nipples and neck, choking, pressing down on the stomach, and rubbing the clitoris"; "penetration is by far the most important component"
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6.This man who thinks "orgasm" equals "babies":

"1870: Man: My wife who had 4 babies and 0 orgasms this year and is not allowed to vote, cries a lot"; doctor: Obviously she is insane"; Comment: You know a woman needs to orgasm in order to have babies, right?"
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7.This man who either really thinks this or is just trying to make himself feel better:

Woman says her boyfriend tells her coming (level 1) is different from orgasm (level 2: earth shattering) for women and he's questioning her attraction to him because he can't make her come 18 times a night
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8.This man who thought that whenever women peed, they blossomed like a flower:

"I didn't know that the labia didn't have any sort of mobility; I had this idea that when vaginas go to pee, the lips would sort of open"
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9.This man who apparently thinks women getting turned on is a myth:

"I've never heard a real woman outside of sex work describe herself as squirming and getting wet; literature, porn, erotic stuff sure but to have a girl next to you say oooo I'm getting wet is downright unheard of"
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10.This man who thinks that working out magically lifts your breasts:

24-year-old man complaining that his 22-year-old girlfriend stopped working out and even though she hasn't gained weight, her 36D breasts "are low" and if she worked out and did weights, "they would be firm"
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11.This man who thinks sex with a woman involves entering the fallopian tubes (it doesn't):

"A woman with an ex is a red flag / An ex implies any man who's been inside her fallopian tubes / It's not an IF but WHEN she will cheat with one of those exes"
u/Chaos_the_healer / Via

12.This man who seems to think women reek of every man they've slept with:

High body count in a woman is "disgusting" because "every man a woman is with sexually will leave his DNA in the woman for months or even years, meaning her smell, sweat, lubrication, spit, and everything else will have traces of other men in it"
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13.This man I'm begging to go back to seventh-grade sex ed:

"How does removing the tubes decrease the risk of ovarian cancer??? That doesn't even make sense! The ovaries aren't even connected to the fallopian tubes"
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14.And lastly, this man who referred to the clitoris as a "mini penis" and thinks getting too much pleasure from it is "masculine":

"A woman that gets primary pleasure through the clitoris is too masculine" and masturbates too much: "A clitoris is a mini penis and by saying you only can reach a climax through it indicates you may have trauma in your womb"
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What's the wildest thing you've heard a man say about the female body? Share it in the comments.