14 Hollyoaks spoilers for next week

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Next week on Hollyoaks, Tony's story takes a sinister turn, while Eric's fate is revealed and James considers doing a deal with the devil.

Here's a full collection of the biggest moments coming up:

1. Beau makes a disturbing discovery

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Tony is more worried than ever about the safety of his family when Beau wakes up and discovers The Dog has been broken into.

Beau later discovers something in the CCTV footage, which he hides from the family and detective Zoe.

Beginning to fear the worst and feeling unsafe in her own home, Diane takes the children and goes to stay at Scott's for the night, leaving Tony and Beau to protect the pub.

2. Cindy's plan backfires

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A desperate Cindy comes up with a new plan to get bank manager Alex on side.

Zara and Grace have doubts that the market owner's extravagant plans will work out as she hopes.

Cindy plans a girls' day out with her bank manager to try, in a bid to persuade her to lend more money, but this ends in disaster when Alex ends up having an allergic reaction to one of the cocktails.

3. Damon has a new idea

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Lizzie suggests to Damon that they should adapt the workplace to Brooke's access requirements.

Damon later comes up with a new idea, but should he have spoken to Brooke first without jumping to conclusions?

4. Mercedes and Sharon bond

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Friendships blossom as Mercedes opens up to Sharon about why she and Felix don't have DeMarcus' blessing.

Sharon offers to have a word with DeMarcus to help heal the wounds that have been created in the family.

While helping DeMarcus with his studies, Sharon uses the opportunity to put in a good word about Mercedes.

When Mercedes turns up to drop off Felix's favourite childhood sweets for him, the kind gesture doesn't go unnoticed by DeMarcus.

5. Eric's sentencing is revealed

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It's the day of Eric's sentencing and Maxine joins Tony and Diane as they await news on how it went.

Will justice prevail?

6. Juliet is left devastated

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James wants to protect his little sister and thinks keeping his and Ste's wedding plans from her is for the best while she awaits her stem cell transplant.

Unfortunately, this backfires when Juliet discovers the truth and feels hurt.

Juliet, Peri and Donna-Marie later present James with a proposal. They offer to help with wedding planning as a way Juliet can keep busy while she awaits the transplant.

7. Tony confronts Eric

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Tony receives an unexpected call from Eric, asking him to go and visit him in prison.

A concerned Diane thinks it's time her husband seeks professional help from the trauma left behind from his brother.

After seeking advice from Honour, Diane takes things into her own hands and takes Tony to confront his fears and visit Eric.

8. Sally makes a shock announcement

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Mercedes throws her new bestie Sharon a 'Welcome to Hollyoaks' breakfast party.

The happy news that Sharon has been offered a permanent role at Dee Valley hospital soon is short lived when Sally announces the shocking news that the McQueen house has been sold.

9. James and Ste plan their wedding

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Wedding planning is well under way for James and Ste.

James soon decides he doesn't want to wait another minute and tells Ste he wants to bring the wedding forward.

A loved-up Ste agrees and points out how scaling back on the big day will help with gathering the money needed to pay for Juliet's private healthcare.

10. James gets a tempting proposition

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Determined to help Juliet, James receives a tempting proposition from Eric, who offers the lawyer any amount of money in return for his freedom.

Suspicious, Ste questions his fiancé on his whereabouts, forcing James to confess that he had contact from inmate Eric. Will James listen to Ste or will he be tempted to do a deal with the devil?

11. Mason's struggles continue

mason chenwilliams in hollyoaks
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Mason is still being given a tough time by other students.

Lizzie and Brooke attempt to help him feel better, but Brooke's honesty ends up leaving the lonely teen feeling worse.

12. Donna-Marie has a surprise for Juliet

juliet nightingale in hollyoaks
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At the same time, a conversation between Juliet and Peri about what she missed out on growing up is overheard by Donna-Marie.

Donna-Marie comes up with a plan to make up for the stuff her daughter missed out on while growing up.

Later, it's full steam ahead for Donna-Marie and the princess party she's throwing for Juliet.

13. Tony tries to move forward

diane hutchinson and tony hutchinson in hollyoaks
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Tony is on a mission to take back control of his life. In order to get things back on track with Diane, he plans a romantic night together.

Knowing he needs to get Eva to sleep through in her own room first, Tony leaves Beau and Maxine with the task of keeping her awake during the day.

14. Mercedes has an illegal plan

mercedes mcqueen in hollyoaks
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The McQueens receive the news they needed about the house.

Determined, Mercedes has a brainwave and comes up with an illegal plan, but what does it involve?

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