13 Side Hustles That People With Full-Time Jobs Have Taken On Due To The Wild Cost Of Living Today, And I'm Surprised At How Much Extra Cash These Jobs Earn Them

The cost of stuff these days is just bonkers. For many of us, working one job isn't enough to make ends meet. Every full-time worker deserves to get paid enough to live without toiling away at a second job or side hustle.

But that is just not realistic for many of us, so that's where this list comes in. Our good friends in the BuzzFeed Community shared their side hustles and how much extra money they bring in — and here is what they had to say. Sometimes we all need a little extra money, and by sharing how we get it, we can all help one another out.

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

1."I pet-sit during school holidays and during summer when everyone in my (wealthy) neighborhood is away on some luxury vacation. I double my salary in July and August, and I make nice extras all through the year."

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2."We run a mobile notary business. My husband and I both have 'day jobs,' but our notary business is the true moneymaker, even though we do it part time. We can make anywhere from $0 to $6,000 a month, depending on how many appointments we take for the month. We pick and choose our schedule and can put it down or pick it up whenever we choose."


3."Plasma donation, though I guess it’s odd to use the term 'donation,' since you are getting paid for it. It's $50 per donation, and you can donate twice in a seven-day period. Easy $100 for what amounts to, at most, four hours of my time for the week."

—Chad, 53

4."I work as a tutor for the NCE and CPCE, which are exams counseling students, counselors, and clinical counselors take for graduation or licensure. I charge $20–$25 an hour and can tutor via Zoom or in person. People have told me I am undercharging and should go up to $30 an hour. I make about the same amount of money doing this as I do working my part-time job as a clothing store associate. As a sales associate, I only make $11 an hour and work much harder than in my tutoring job."

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—Mya, 26

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5."I'm a freelance consultant, but I have occasional days or periods with little work, so I'm on the driver backup list for a car-parts firm. They post when work is available, and I'll take it if I'm free that day. It doesn't make bank, but it's the easiest, lowest-stress job I've ever done."


6."I animal- and farm-sit for people who love their pets and farm animals but need a babysitter for them. Most families are gone for a weekend or a long vacation, and that's where I come into play. I take care of their fur babies. This allows me to work, go to school, and earn money on the side. Before the pandemic, I almost quit my day job because I was constantly animal or farm sitting for people in my state. Since the pandemic, my side hustle is less lucrative but still allows me to pay a good chunk of rent every month."

—Anonymous, 30

7."I have a side hustle as a travel agent. Last year, I made $35,000 in commissions (pretax) working about 10 hours per week."

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8."Not sure if it counts as a side hustle, but I worked at a small, family-owned organic grocery store that had a deli, and it paid $15 an hour to start, plus a 25% employee discount on anything in the store. I was doing around 20 hours every week on top of my 40-hour workweek. For a few reasons related to the full-time gig, I stopped going so often, but I stayed on the payroll by being on call for holidays and the rare occasion when they were short-staffed. I still get the discount!"

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—Anonymous, 16

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9."My day job as an executive assistant doesn’t pay enough to cover monthly bills amid inflation, so I took on a second job at a pizzeria as a server/bartender. Working three restaurant shifts a week, I made an extra $33,000 in 2023. Some of it goes to monthly bills, but I’ve also paid off all credit card debt and saved a six-month emergency fund. This year’s goal is to pay off my car, put a little more in savings, and then stop working my side hustle by next year."

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10."My mom has a side business where she cooks healthy dishes and delivers them to people nearby (maybe within a 20-minute radius or so). She'll plan the menu, post it, and take orders until Friday. Saturday, she gets the groceries, and the entire day Sunday, she cooks. She makes hundreds extra each week just doing this. And it's just her, too. Sometimes my sister will help, but my mom does this alone."


11."I bartend at an event space. I make $12 an hour plus tips — fancy clients who host parties with an open bar sometimes tip as much as $200 per bartender. I've finished some four-hour shifts with $250 in tips."

—Jen, 33

12."I walk dogs and cat-sit on Rover.com. Usually, it's just a few visits or walks a month, so I'll make around $75 a month. But over the December holidays, I made over $500 just from dropping in to feed cats. My wife and I share an account so we can tag-team. It's a fun and pretty easy way to make some extra cash."

—Rebekah, 34

13."I'm a musician from Massachusetts. I turned to Neighbor.com as a side hustle during the pandemic when everything closed down. I started renting out my unused parking space, like my driveway and garage, and earn more than $1,000 a month. This helps cover my household expenses, especially my homeowners association fees. Beyond the financial benefits, I've formed a meaningful connection with my renters; some have become like family to me and have attended some of my gigs."

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—Jacob, 37

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Do you have a side hustle that helps you earn a bit of extra money? If so, share it with me in the comments below.