The 13 Best Drunk Elephant Products of 2023

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Including several newly launched products

<p>People / Alli Waataja</p>

People / Alli Waataja

The beauty field is overflowing with products that target this, that, and the other, but Drunk Elephant founder Tiffany Masterson noticed that while they might solve one issue, products featuring the suspicious six ingredients — silicones, drying alcohols, essential oils, fragrance, chemical sunscreens, and SLS (a strong cleaning agent) — often cause other flare ups and irritations with your skin. As one of the OGs of the “clean beauty” movement, she created a line of beauty products that help skin and hair without these questionable ingredients.

NYU Langone dermatological surgeon Mary L. Stevenson, MD, tells PEOPLE the most important ingredients you can look for in skincare are “SPF, retinols or retinoids, and DNA-damage and repair factors like growth hormones and peptides.” She says SPF ranks supreme, while the retinoids prevent fine links and the repair factors help with damaged skin.

All of these ingredients can be found in Drunk Elephant products which are known for their skin-first methods (rather than focusing on fragrance, feel, etc.). The brand also has many celebrity fans like Vanessa Hudgens who swears by the Beste Jelly Cleanser and Alix Earle who uses the D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops. Plus, with more bestsellers dropping throughout the year, there’s no shortage of great Drunk Elephant products to choose from.

Masterson started selling skincare for Arbonne and began with a bar cleanser that she sold around her hometown of Houston to friends and family members. That experience sparked her passion for products and ingredients. She began questioning what was in an ingredient deck, how certain ingredients affect the skin, and how the skin functions. “I started identifying common threads and ingredients that were in every product I saw,” said Masterson. “And a light bulb went off one day, and I thought, Wow, you know, you could target any issue you wanted, but if a product contains these ingredients, then you're either going to make the issue worse or just not help it at all.

In 2012, Masterson created a line of products to help troubleshoot skincare issues, giving the skin a reset from these common ingredients, and bringing together the world of natural and clinical skincare. “'Clean' was not a word that was used at all back then in beauty, and when I got my products into Sephora, they asked me to describe my brand in three words," says Masterson. She decided on “clean, clinical, and compatible,” meaning your skin can absorb and benefit from the ingredients. “There was a lack of products on the market that fit into this philosophy I was forming, so I made them," she says.

Drunk Elephant was sold to skincare brand Shiseido three years ago, however she remains an integral part of the business. “As a founder, I’m as involved as ever before," says Masterson. "Our mission has remained the same.”

This popular brand has many incredible products, but we’ve narrowed the list to our 13 favorites for skin, body, and hair.

Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil

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  • It strengthens and smooths the skin barrier.

  • Leaves you skin feeling soft and with a subtle glow.

  • According to the founder, it won’t break you out, despite being an oil.


  • There's nothing we don't like about this product.

“Virgin Marula was among the first six products I made, and it’s an ingredient I believe very strongly in due to its benefits for skin,” says Masterson. “It has anti-inflammatory, barrier reparative and free-radical defense abilities, and it works for all skin.”

You’ll find marula oil in most Drunk Elephant products — and ironically as the source of the name, which comes from the idea that elephants become intoxicated after eating marula fruit (mostly a myth, but a fun anecdote nonetheless!). Masterson assures us that “it won’t break you out, and can be used on acne-prone skin as well. It’s very nutrient dense, [and] just helps balance skin.”

This facial oil is highly concentrated, and can be applied via Drunk Elephant’s smoothie method (combining it in your hands with other products and blending them together before applying to your face!). “Drunk Elephant uses a proprietary extraction and filtration process, resulting in the purest and most concentrated form of the oil, with its delicate antioxidant and fatty acid compounds preserved,” says Masterson. Its high concentration of these ingredients (testing showed higher levels of “polyphenols than dark chocolate, green or black teas”) helps it absorb into the skin, strengthen and smooth its barrier, and leaves your skin feeling soft and glowy.

Price at time of publish: $68

Size: 0.5 oz., 1 oz. | Key Ingredient: Marula oil, glycerin, vitamin E, zinc oxide, tocopherol

Drunk Elephant C-Firma Fresh Vitamin C Day Serum

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  • The vitamin C component reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and smooths out skin texture.

  • Extended shelf life due to the unique design of not allowing oxygen to reach the product until it’s being used.


  • The formula is a bit sticky (but if you mix it in with a moisturizer that feeling goes away).

  • It’s one of the more expensive products they have.

Vitamin C serums have been known to help restore facial texture, remove fine lines and wrinkles, and smooth out skin, and this one is packed with it. Though this formula is one of Drunk Elephant’s best sellers, Masterson firmly believes that everything can be improved.

One of the ingredients in this serum — sorbic acid, a preservative — is highly sensitive to air, so the brand completely changed the system to a two-step formula so the user can activate the serum when it’s ready to be applied. With the user shaking it upon activation, the formula never touches the air and has a shelf-life of one year after first use, and three years prior to activation. With fruit enzymes that digest dead skin cells, this serum absorbs into your skin beautifully. “Vitamin C is supposed to be sticky, [and this formula] is sticky, but that’s how you know it’s the real deal,” says Masterson. “And you can mix it into your “smoothies” with other moisturizers or the oil and that stickiness goes right away.”

Price at time of publish: $77.85

Size: 0.94 oz. | Key Ingredient: Vitamin C, pumpkin ferment, pomegranate extract, chronocylclin

Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream

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  • It contains a high number of peptides and a safe synthetic growth factor which results in a highly moisturizing formula.

  • The formula also easily absorbs into the skin.


  • We didn’t find any notable cons.

One of the most popular products from this brand came from Masterson's mother’s complaint — how apropos. “I developed [Protini Polypeptide Cream] on an airplane,” Masterson says. “My mom said, ‘You know if you don’t get something with growth factors and things to help my collagen, I’m going to use another brand.'” Masterson says she spent the rest of the flight researching ingredients that maintain and create collagen.

She found incredible ingredients, but “where one works, five is better.” Her philosophy is that the supporting ingredients are just as essential as the key ones. “So if you have an ingredient like a peptide, there’s always ingredients that can support and make that ingredient better,” she says. “[This cream] has the highest level of peptides, [and] a safe synthetic growth factor in it.” It’s highly moisturizing, and as a bioavailable product, it absorbs easily in the skin.

Price at time of publish: $51 (orig. $68)

Size: 0.17 oz., 0.5 oz., 1.69 oz. | Key Ingredient: Peptides, glycerin, marula oil, zinc oxide

Drunk Elephant A-Passioni Retinol Cream

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  • Retinol helps with acne, age spots, and fine lines.

  • This formula functions equally well for youthful and mature skin.


  • Some folks with hyper-sensitive skin might not be able to use retinol products.

Retinol truly is a “do-it-all ingredient” and Masterson believes “it should be in everyone’s routine.” It can help with acne, age spots, fine lines, and is suitable for young and more mature skin. “It teaches your skin cells to behave better,” says Masterson. However, many are wary of retinol because it’s so strong and with a concentration of one percent, this cream lives up to that reputation.

“It doesn’t have silicones so you’re getting a full hit of retinol,” Masterson says. She tackles some myths about retinol saying, “People think you can’t use it during the day. You can. People think their skin can’t tolerate retinol when it starts to peel and turn red so they stop using it all together.”

She emphasizes building up a tolerance to this ingredient rather than stopping use at the first sign of irritation. “If you turn red and flaky, that’s not good. It’s not an exfoliating product, it speeds up cell turnover. It’s not supposed to make your skin peel off,” she says. But instead of rushing to drop the product completely, Masterson suggests slowing down your use. “Start once a week, and build up as your skin allows you to.”

For those who want a gentler alternative to start, Drunk Elephant also offers A-Gloei Maretinol Oil — a blend of A-Passioni and marula oil which acts as a gateway product to introduce your skin to retinol. Ironically, it was Masterson’s son who came up with the idea when she suggested he combine these products before going straight to the cream, and he suggested she make a product that had both so he didn’t have to.

Price at time of publish: $28

Size: 0.34 oz., 1 oz. | Key Ingredients: 1% retinol, glycerin, jojoba, marula oil, zinc oxide

Drunk Elephant Beste No.9 Jelly Cleanser

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Buy at


  • Simple formula that removes bacteria, dirt, and pollution from your skin

  • It doesn’t strip or compromise the skin barrier

  • It won’t leave your skin squeaky clean, which is a good thing (more on that below!)


  • Took nine tries to get this formula (but get it they did!)

If at first you don’t succeed, try eight more times. That’s what Drunk Elephant had to do with this (finally!) effective cleanser. Masterson says a retailer had asked the brand for a gel cleanser, and in order to meet demand they rushed through its conception — and it didn’t work. “It was bad packaging, a bad formulation, and [ultimately] a learning lesson,” she says, noting that she took to Instagram to publicly own up to the error here. Nine attempts later, they finally had a formula Masterson was happy with, so in the spirit of transparency, they called it Beste No. 9.

“Beste is a deceptively simple formula—it was our first liquid cleanser after our solid bars, and we wanted something that would easily remove the bacteria, dirt and pollution from the day, but still not strip skin or compromise the balance of lipids and emollients in its barrier,” Masterson says. This incredibly mild formula has plant-based cleaning agents called surfactants that have low pH levels, but are still effective at removing makeup. Even Vanessa Hudgens is a fan.

“Beste won’t leave your skin feeling squeaky clean, but that’s actually a good thing,” says Masterson. The founder explains that “alkaline surfactant systems used in classic foaming cleansers” are really harsh on skin, which is where their trademark ‘squeaky clean’ feeling comes from. “It’s literally the feel of a skin barrier that has had its superficial lipids stripped away.” Beste completely rinses off from the skin without leaving any residue.

Price at time of publish: $34

Size: 5 oz. | Key Ingredients: Plant-derived cleaning agents, oils, acids, and fats, glycerin, cantaloupe fruit extract, virgin marula oil

Drunk Elephant F-Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial Mask

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Buy at


  • Made with small biodegradable beads that burst to release vitamin F and coconut water into your skin.

  • It keeps your skin ultra soft by boosting your natural oils and fats.

  • Electrolytes help retain moisture and calm inflammation in your skin.


  • We didn’t find any notable cons in this product.

For a complete hydration experience, look no further than this waterfacial mask — after all, the queen of dewy skin, Hailey Bieber has posted on her Instagram story that she uses it too. The F-Balm Electrolyte mask doesn’t get enough attention for how effective it is, says Masterson. This is "the mother of hydration” and “has these little beads that are biodegradable,” she says. The beads burst when used and are filled with vitamin F and a blend of coconut water, sodium PCA, magnesium PCA, and prickly pear extract.

Electrolytes help retain moisture in the skin and calm inflammation. Also packed into these F-Balms is linolenic acid (vitamin F) which boosts skin function. These ingredients work to make your natural oils and fats more effective, and thus keep skin soft. The mask feels amazing in all seasons, but especially when facing the drier climates and colder times of year. “[It’s] intensely hydrating when skin is dehydrated, stressed, or irritated,” Masterson says. “I’m so in love with it. I use it every morning and night.”

Price at time of publish: $54

Size: 1.69 oz. | Key Ingredients: Four-Electrolyte Blend, vitamin F, niacinamide

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Drunk Elephant Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser

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Buy at


  • Plant-based cleanser that gently removes makeup, sunscreen, and other residue

  • Gentle formula is good for even sensitive skin


  • Have to leave hands dry to use otherwise it will start the melting process (which comes after the cleansing)

Another favorite of Bieber’s, this butter cleanser is made with rich botanical extracts, and easily removes the day from your face while soothing your skin in the process. “It’s easy on the eyes and doesn’t sting,” says Masterson. “Slaai was our first oil-based cleansing formula, using a blend of plant oils and our mildest blend of surfactants (so gentle they can be used on the eye area, by even the most sensitive of skin) to melt away sunscreen, makeup (even water-resistant forms), dirt, and pollution.”

The key to application is keeping your hands and face dry. “While Slaai is dry, it is doing its work to emulsify and remove substances from skin,” says Masterson. “When you add water, Slaai transforms from a balm to a milk as it dissolves and rinses away (at which point it is no longer cleansing skin). This is why it is crucial to use Slaai dry and on dry skin — any water at all stops the cleansing process and starts the melting process.” It’s suggested to place it in your hands and warm it up to “melt” the butter before applying it to your skin.

As an added bonus, each Slaai cleanser comes with a Bamboo Booster — a fine powder made from bamboo and charcoal. You can mix a small amount in with your cleanser one to two times per week for a light exfoliation, bearing in mind to avoid the eye area.

Price at time of publish: $36

Size: 3.88 oz. | Key Ingredient: Fruit and plant extracts, African oil blend, bamboo and charcoal powder

Drunk Elephant Ceramighty AF Eye Balm

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Buy at


  • Feels lightweight on the skin without any stickiness.

  • Really thick, so a little goes a long way.

  • Absorbs into the skin within minutes to restore hydration and softness under the eyes.


  • There's nothing we don't like about this eye balm!

As one of the more recent product launches at Drunk Elephant, the Ceramighty Eye Balm serves the skin around the eye to absolute nourishment and hydration. PEOPLE senior commerce writer Madison Yauger tried it out and was amazed at how moisturizing it was while still feeling lightweight on the skin.

“Ceramighty is the thickest eye cream we have,” says Masterson. “It’s super nourishing and loaded with ingredients to strengthen and repair the skin barrier, especially for those who feel they can’t ever get enough moisture around the eye area and lids.” This formula locks in moisture for up to 24 hours per clinical trials, and isn’t sticky. It absorbs into your skin within minutes, restoring a sense of hydration and softness to the area.

Price at time of publish: $60

Size: 0.5 oz. | Key Ingredients: Ceramide blend, plant omega-lipid complex, oat kernel oil, vitamin F

Drunk Elephant Wonderwild Miracle Butter

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Buy at


  • Packed with anti-inflammatory plant oils and extracts to moisturize dehydrated and sensitive skin.

  • Also helps irritated skin like burns, scrapes, and inflamed cuticles.


  • It might be kind of thick for everyday use, so it’s more of an as-needed for dry skin product.

“OMG the miracle butter!” exclaims Masterson. “I’ve been using marula butter for four or five years now. Through getting burns, and scrapes, and irritated cuticles, I’ve used this butter. I used it on my mom when she fell and had to get stitches, and her scars healed so quickly the doctor was kind of blown away.”

The Wonderwild Miracle Butter is a rich moisturizer for your most dehydrated and sensitive skin. “It’s 100 percent natural, loaded with soothing, anti-inflammatory plant oils, extracts and butters (it’s also a waterless formula, meaning it is incredibly concentrated),” says Masterson.

When this product launched, she began slugging (covering your face in a jelly moisturizer like vaseline) with it. “When I grew up, my mom went to bed every night with petroleum jelly vaseline on her face, and feet, and hands, and it was such a mess,” says Masterson. “I do my smoothie at night, and coat my face and neck with [the butter]. When you put it on it feels like vaseline, but then you wake up and it’s gone and your skin is clearly plump, glowing, and nourished.”

Plus, most of the ingredients are sustainably sourced, and trade agreements are in place to support the farming communities they come from. This recent launch has the founder excited about its future. “It’s one of those products that as time goes on it’ll grow and people will find different uses for it,” she says. “I can’t sing its praises enough. It’s thick, but it’s so effective.”

Price at time of publish: $38

Size: 2 oz. | Key Ingredients: Marula oil, meadowform oil, cupuaçu and shea butters

Drunk Elephant Cocomino Marula Cream Conditioner

Buy at

Buy at


  • Works on both your scalp and hair health.

  • It’s made without silicones, which is rare in the hair products industry.

  • Leaves hair soft and silky (even curly and frizzy hair types).


  • We didn’t find anything worth noting here.

It’s a wonderful sensation when you apply a nourishing conditioner and feel absolute silkiness rinsing it out. This formula is made without “silicones, harsh sulfates, essential oils, and fragrance,” so it’s just working to restore your scalp and hair health without all the gimmicks. “Hair is dead,” Masterson says. “So all we can hope for is to get it nourished and [to] absorb the moisture we’re trying to get into it.”

The trick is to do this without stripping away natural oils, which a lot of the ingredients listed a moment ago, tend to do. “The scalp is no different than your skin and when it’s not balanced, it will overproduce oils,” Masterson says. That’s why your hair will get dirtier faster when you over-wash it or wash it with the wrong ingredients. “We loaded Cocomino up with proteins, hydrating ingredients, plant oils and butters, for a medium-weight formula that rinses cleanly from hair and skin — a talent it owes in large part to it being silicone free,” she says.

Of course, that trait is hard to come by. “Silicones in hair [products] are really tough to avoid, because they’re the industry-wide shortcut to getting smoother, shinier hair,” says Masterson. “Unfortunately, they’re also insoluble in water and have a tendency to build up on the hair and scalp. So finding alternatives that accomplished those benefits wasn’t easy, but we love a challenge and think we’ve cracked the code to haircare formulas that don’t rely on them, but still smooth, boost shine and help strengthen the hair.” The marula butter formula gives you a beautiful shine and softness to your hair (even with curly and frizzy hair types) that will have you reaching for this bottle every time.

Price at time of publish: $27

Size: 8 oz. | Key Ingredients: Marula butter, coconut amino-acid blend, mongongo oil

Drunk Elephant Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense Face Sunscreen SPF 30

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Buy at


  • It’s a sheer and tinted formula so it doesn’t leave a white cast.

  • Has nourishing ingredients like raspberry seed oil and vitamin C to prevent free-radical damage.

  • The formula is water soluble and easily cleans off the skin.


  • Don't use as a “smoothie” with other products because it can lessen the efficacy of the SPF.

Sunscreen is more varied than you might realize. “For me, I didn’t know the difference between chemical and physical sunscreen,” says Masterson. Chemical sunscreen can be inflammatory and absorbs UV rays once they’ve reached your skin. Physical sunscreen sits on top of the surface and blocks the rays from meeting your skin. One challenge of using a physical sunscreen formula — especially one with 20 percent pure zinc oxide — is it’s extremely whitening. “We wanted it to work for all skin tones,” she says, so they developed a sheer and a tinted sunscreen.

This formula is completely silicone free, and has other nourishing ingredients like raspberry seed oil, vitamin C, and sunflower sprout extract, which all help protect against free-radical damage. The formula is water soluble and can be easily cleaned off the skin. Though Masterson reminds us not to include this product in the smoothie if you use that technique because it can lessen the efficacy of the SPF. Just apply it on top of your other products once they dry.

Price at time of publish: $34

Size: 3 oz. | Key Ingredients: 20% pure zinc oxide, sunflower shoot extract, astaxanthin-rich algae extract, raspberry seed oil

Drunk Elephant B-Goldi Bright Drops with 5% Niacinamide

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Buy at


  • Packed with niacinamide which boosts skin health through texture, appearance, and hydration.

  • Increases the suppleness and softness of your complexion.


  • We couldn’t find any notable cons.

One of the newest launches in the Drunk Elephant collection, the B-Goldi Bright Drops work to restore the appearance of one’s skin. It uses niacinamide to target dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and any acne-related discoloration, while also making your complexion look brighter and more supple.

You can mix the drops into your favorite moisturizer for easy application and create the signature “Drunk Elephant smoothie” by warming it all up in your hands before patting it onto your skin.

Price at time of publish: $38

Size: 1 oz. | Key Ingredients: 5% niacinamide, diglucosyl gallic acid, morus alba leaf extract

Drunk Elephant Bouncy Brightfacial

Buy at

Buy at


  • It uses azelaic acid and salicylic acid to target blemishes, inflammation, and discoloration

  • Highly moisturizing with oils like marula, chia, green tea, and pumpkin seed

  • Can be used as a leave-on mask in the morning or at night


  • At around $68, it's one of the most expensive products they have.

There’s no need to pay for a facial when you can give yourself the same results at home. In steps the Bouncy Brightfacial, a blend of azelaic acid and salicylic acid that gives your skin a full refresh. It targets blemishes, inflammation, and discoloration to create a more even skin tone. It also hydrates your complexion and adds some brightness with moisturizing oils like marula, chia, green tea, and pumpkin seed.

Treat yourself to this nourishing facial formula, and know that if you have sensitive skin, it’s also made without fragrance or silicones. Plus, it doesn’t leave any kind of sparkle behind, just a healthy warm glow.

Price at time of publish: $68

Size: 1.69 oz. | Key Ingredients: 10% azelaic acid, 1% salicylic acid, triple antioxidant brightening complex

Frequently Asked Questions

What ingredients should you look for in skincare products?

There are a host of ingredients that can target multiple skin issues, and Dr. Stevenson walks us through the ones you should look for:

  • Vitamin C: “Vitamin C is an antioxidant that brightens the skin,” she says, so if you’re looking for a fresh glow, it’s time to scout some vitamin C.

  • Marula oil: “Marula oil is high in fatty acids and antioxidant rich so it can be a very nice ingredient for skincare,” she says.

  • Antioxidants: These allow the skin to repair and maintain itself from free-radical damage.

  • Retinols: “Retinols help turn over the top layer of skin and thicken the collagen in our skin,” she says. “They prevent fine lines and wrinkles—though too much can be irritating.

  • SPF: “SPF protects skin from harmful UV rays known to cause skin cancer as well as aging of the skin which makes it thinner and causes wrinkles.” 

  • Peptides: She adds that “DNA repair is usually [stimulated by] peptides.”

  • Growth Factors: “Growth factors stimulate growth of cells that we want to enhance, though they often are used extensively,” she says.

What makes Drunk Elephant different?

One unique aspect of this brand is its philosophy. “I’m avoiding ingredients that can potentially create disruption in your skin — inflammatory ingredients specifically,” says Masterson. She says sometimes you might be using a product and not see the inflammatory effects until you go to use a stronger ingredient like acid, vitamin C, or retinol and then you think your skin is too sensitive. In many cases, “it’s the surrounding ingredients like drying alcohol, and essential oil, and the fragrance, and dye, etc.” that’s actually irritating your skin, she says.

Dubbed a “Drunk Break”, Drunk Elephant encourages you to solely use its products for 30 days as a reset to your skin. Similar to how you would diagnose a stomach issue by eliminating certain foods, a “drunk break” gives your skin an ingredient elimination diet because these products are made without common irritants. “If skin doesn't have to process these inflammatory ingredients, then [it] can reset […]and do what it knows how to do,” says Masterson. In order to save you some money upfront, there are even kits you can buy with smaller versions of key products so you can try the “break” and if it works for you, then you can invest in larger sizes.

Can I mix Drunk Elephant products?

The answer is a resounding heck yes. In fact it’s encouraged to mix these products in what Masterson calls a facial “smoothie.” Since these products are silicone free, they don’t have the larger molecules that sit on the skin and are much more amenable to mixing and absorption. “Really the only thing that we don’t mix with the smoothie is the sunscreen because that goes on top, and does have a larger molecule,” says Masterson.

She says this method also saves a ton of wasted product because when you apply it individually, you end up using two pumps of this, three pumps of that — smoothie-ing only requires one pump of each product. Just mix in your hands and then apply to your face and neck. “And the good news for your skin is [it] doesn’t need that much,” she says. “We make it to where the skin can take and absorb and use what we’re giving it.”

Who is Drunk Elephant’s target consumer?

Drunk Elephant puts the control in the hands of the customer. “We don’t want to tell them exactly what to use; we want to say this is our philosophy, stay within it and use what you want,” says Masterson. And as far as who that customer is? “There’s something for everybody. It’s easily digestible [and] not intimidating,” Masterson says. “Products like the marula oil, marula butter, sili lotion, beste cleanser [are] very basic — all of those products are incredible for babies, and for children. Same thing for teenagers, and [then] we start to get into some of the acids, the retinol. Men, women, very mature skin; I have clients up in their 80s, and I’ve got teenage boys who can’t get enough of the hair products and facial products.”

She says she’ll have moms call her and ask what the product was that their kids used at her house because they love it and want their parents to buy it. “It’s men taking it from their wives, and my mother and all of her friends,” says Masterson. “The approach is ‘skin is skin’ and that’s my motto. It all deserves to be treated with respect. It [all] has an acid mantle and we treat it with the same nourishing ingredients.” The only difference for people is they may use more or less of a product (like moisturizer!) than someone else depending on their skin type and specific concerns.

Take Our Word For It

Madison Yauger is a senior commerce writer for PEOPLE who’s tested hundreds of lifestyle products across all categories. With a background in news and lifestyle journalism, she has a wide network of expert sources. She’s previously covered many beauty topics across skincare such as peptide serums, moisturizers for oily skin, and more. For this story, she spoke to Drunk Elephant founder Tiffany Masterson to learn about the origins of the brand and each product, as well as dermatologic surgeon Mary L. Stevenson to gain insights about skincare do’s and don’ts. She’s also personally tested several of the products to learn firsthand how they work.

Meet Our Experts

  • Tiffany Masterson is the founder partner and chief creative office at Drunk Elephant.

  • Mary L. Stevenson is a dermatologic surgeon who specialized in Mohs surgery, a treatment for skin cancer, as well as laser and cosmetic procedures.

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