11 Most Shocking Moments From ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 4 ‘After the Altar’

The only thing better than the chaotic relationships and dramatic moments on “Love Is Blind” is seeing the tension still stirred up from the drama a year later — and the “After the Altar” episodes for Season 4 did not disappoint.

In this season’s “After the Altar,” “Love Is Blind” fans got an inside peek at the marriages resulting from the show’s fourth installment before the couples reunite with the rest of the Pod Squad for a flag football game.

If you needed a refresher, at the time of filming “Love Is Blind: After the Altar” the only married couples from the pods are Kwame Appiah and Chelsea Griffin, Tiffany Pennywell and Brett Brown and Zack Goytowski and Bliss Poureetezadi Goytowski.

Meanwhile, after Micah Lussier and Paul Peden chose not to tie the knot, their relationship hangs in the balance with some mixed feelings. Likewise, after Jackie Bonds and Marshall Glaze went their separate ways, Bonds and fellow Pod Squad member Josh Demas are still going strong.

Keep on reading to learn the 11 most shocking moments that the Netflix reunion stirred up.

Paul Peden’s Mom Told Micah Lussier That He Is Talking to a New Woman (Episode 14)
One relationship that never faded from “Love Is Blind” Season 4 was the friendship between Peden’s mom, Liz, and Lussier. As the pair got together in the first “After the Altar” episode, Peden told Lussier that “boys are stupid” and said any issues her son has are “on him.” After Lussier recounted where her engagement went south, Peden also revealed to Lussier that her son is currently “talking to” another woman — which Lussier admitted is “hard to hear” since she had not yet moved on.

Paul Peden Revealed Micah Lussier Was the One to Close the Door on Their Relationship (Episode 14)
In another conversation, Peden shared with his mother that he feels more “supported” in his hobbies in his new relationship as compared to his engagement with Lussier. Peden also revisited his final moments of his relationship with Lussier, which he admitted was difficult as she moved back to Arizona. Despite having a great time on a weekend trip to Arizona, Peden revealed that Lussier chose to end their relationship and said they could potentially date in the future if they were in the same city.

Marshall Glaze Introduced His New Girlfriend (Episode 15)
Once parting ways with Bonds after the pods, Glaze reunited with Tiffany Pennywell and Brett Brown to introduce his new girlfriend, Chay Barnes, who Glaze has officially been dating for a year. Glaze revealed in an interview that Barnes makes him feel loved and secure — a welcome feeling after going through a hurtful breakup with Bonds.

Micah Lussier Said There Was “Definitely Overlap” With Paul Peden’s New Relationship (Episode 15)
The “After the Altar” episodes also reunited fans with infamous pot stirrer Irina Solomonova. Meeting up with Solomonova and her friend, Shelby, Lussier told her girlfriends that there was “definitely overlap” between her lingering communication with Peden and his new relationship before eventually deciding she needed to find closure on her own.

Pod Squad Member Kacia Spilled the Tea on Marshall Glaze (Episode 15)
Jackie Bonds met up with Pod Squad member Kacia — whose friendship with Bonds, Kendra and Monica makes up the “core four.” Kacia spilled the tea on her relationship with Glaze following the show. Despite going on a date after the show wrapped, Glaze brought up Kacia’s name at the “Love Is Blind” Season 4 reunion, which Kacia says she was not expecting. Kacia and Bonds bonded over the fact they both blocked Glaze on social media as he attempted to apologize to Kacia “every month.” Kacia also cleared up that she and Glaze went on “more than one date.”

Amber Wilder Said Relationship With Paul Peden Wouldn’t Have Worked Out Had They Gotten Engaged (Episode 15)
Pod Squad member Amber Wilder went shopping with Bliss Poureetezadi Goytowski in the second “After the Altar” episode, and Wilder revealed that she is looking for apartments in San Diego after a budding relationship got her thinking about the move. During their chat, Wilder told Poureetezadi Goytowski that even if Peden and her had gotten engaged, their relationship wouldn’t have worked out.

Jackie Bonds and Marshall Glaze Apologized to Each Other for Their “Messy” Breakup (Episode 16)
Things heated up when all the couples and Pod Squad members got together for the flag football game and the subsequent party that followed it. After Glaze asked Bonds to chat privately, Glaze apologized to Bonds for “pressuring [her] into a relationship” and admitted he should have let their romance run its course. Bonds clarified that she doesn’t have any beef with Glaze, and likewise, apologized for their “messy” breakup and said she should have been more “open” and “nurturing.” Glaze told Bonds that he has moved on and Bonds expressed happiness for him.

Irina Solomonova Apologized to Amber Wilder About Her Behavior in the Pods — and Wilder Countered (Episode 16)
Elsewhere at the party, Irina Solomonova attempted to make amends with Wilder following her behavior in the pods that was widely accused of “mean girl” like behavior by “Love Is Blind” viewers, specifically when Solomonova laughed while eavesdropping on Wilder crying following her breakup with Peden. While Solomonova told Wilder she couldn’t tell she was crying, Wilder told Solomonova that she and Lussier “knew exactly who I was coming out of that date with.” The encounter ended cordially as Wilder accepted Solomonova’s apology and told her to “be better.”

Paul Peden Told Micah Lussier He Still Has Feelings for Her — and Lussier Set Boundaries (Episode 16)
Peden and Lussier finally touched base on where they’re at, starting with Lussier expressing mixed feelings about Peden’s new relationship. While Peden revealed that he still had feelings for Lussier, Lussier prioritized herself by telling Peden she was not ready to be friends quite yet, saying that she needed to protect her own heart “for now.” The exes agreed that it is “goodbye” for now, and Peden said he’s hopeful they’ll see each other “down the road.”

Jackie Bonds and Monica Rodriguez Had an Emotional Conversation (Episode 16)
When Bonds learned that Monica Rodriguez would be attending the party, Bonds immediately told Demas that they would have to leave after some leftover drama surrounding Rodriguez’s post revealing her previous engagement with Demas got in the way of Bonds and Rodriguez’s friendship. Rodriguez told Bonds that she was hurt and wanted to repair her relationship with Bonds, prompting Bonds to cry. Seeing Bonds’ reaction, Rodriguez told Bonds that she doesn’t want Demas to get in the way of their friendship — which Bonds seemed to struggle with.

Josh Demas Accuses Monica Rodriguez of “Clout-Chasing” by Sharing Information About Their Engagement to Gossip Blogs (Episode 16)
With Rodriguez and Bonds’ conversation in a stand-still, Rodriguez asked Bonds to bring Demas into the conversation. Bonds told him to come over, and Demas immediately brought aggressive energy and accused Rodriguez of “clout-chasing” by alleging sharing information about their relationship to “the blogs.” Bonds quickly left the conversation and the party, frustrated by the drama, and urged Demas to leave the party and come home with her.

“Love Is Blind” Season 4 “After the Altar” episodes are now streaming on Netflix.

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