These $11 Bracelets Are the Adult Friendship Bracelets All 80s and 90s Kids Need

These $11 Bracelets Are the Adult Friendship Bracelets All 80s and 90s Kids Need

As we wrap up March, our editors are gearing up for a fun and eventful spring and summer ahead. From mornings spent in the garden to evenings gathered with friends around the fire pit, spring is a season we just can't help but look forward to! But, it will come as no surprise to those of you who have also started prepping for warmer weather that some of our go-to products from years past need an upgrade. From the best grilling marinade on the market to adorable bracelets to adorn those now-bare wrists (ah, we love spring and summer fashion!), these items were at the top of our editors' must-have lists in March.

You can trust each and every one of these picks because not only have they been tried but our editors, but we also love them. Like, really—tons of these are repeat purchases. Rest assured your spring lineup will be fully stocked and ready for the season ahead after grabbing these products.

1) Stretch Bracelets



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"As the weather is getting warmer, I've been looking for some cute bracelets to adorn my newly exposed wrists. Unfortunately, I've outgrown the days of making friendship bracelets at camp, so these give me a little hit of nostalgia while also looking chic. As a bonus, they're cheap enough that I won't fret when one inevitably gets damaged. They'd make a great gift for tweens, teens, and adults too! "

—Emma Gray Pitt, Deputy Art Director

2) Hydration Multiplier

Liquid I.V.


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"These packets are a hydration lifesaver! It's easy to lose electrolytes in the summer heat or when I'm not feeling well, and drinking Liquid IV makes for instant improvement with a refreshing lemon-lime flavor. They are easy to stash in a purse and pour into any bottle or glass of water, and I'm regularly reordering them."

—Madoline Markham, Assistant Managing Editor

3) Fruit Fly Sticky Trap



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"Sadly these fruit fly traps are my favorite thing I bought on Amazon this month. We had a major infestation because we let the compost bin mix get off (too much green! If you compost you'll know). The fruit flies were having a grand old time in there and subsequently flying in through the kitchen door. The regular apple cider vinegar trap just wasn't doing the trick (normally it does) so I upped my game with these sticky traps. Happy to report that the situation is under control!"

—Charlyne Mattox, Food and Crafts Director

4) Salsa Sauce With Vegetables and Spices



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"It’s almost grilling season, so I made sure to stock up on my favorite one-and-done marinade for chicken, vegetables, and fish. Popular in Costa Rica, Salsa Lizano tastes like A1's sweeter, tangier cousin."

—Maribeth Jones, Design Director

5) Underbed Storage Containers



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"Now that the seasons are changing, I ordered one of these under the bed storage containers so I can stow my sweaters and a couple of blankets underneath my bed. Until next year, sweater weather!"

—Beth Branch, Editorial Assistant

6) Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover



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"The downside of having a cat is that, no matter how many scratching posts you have, The Good Couch just seems like a better option. To keep the furniture from looking stringy, I got this fabric shaver, which not only works like a charm, but it removes lint and pilling (and cat hair) from my sweaters like nobody’s business."

—Chris Michel, Senior Food & Gardens Editor

7) Recipe Binder



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"Call me old-fashioned, but I still love to tear recipes out of magazines and newspapers. This three-ring, regular paper sized binder keeps them all organized according to category, and also comes with blank sheets for when I want to write down recipes I’ve tried and loved from Instagram and TikTok."

—Sarah Zlotnick, Lifestyle Director

8) Pour Over Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter



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"We got sick of constantly having to descale our old coffee maker. This easy-to-clean pour over unit consistently makes a robust cup of coffee and saves a ton of space on my kitchen counters!"

—Janece Maze, Associate Editor

9) Los Calientes Hot Sauce



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"My husband bought this and got me addicted before I realized how expensive it is. We’ve been eating in on sheet-pan veggie fajitas. I’d categorize it as gift-worthy gourmet."

—Terri Robertson, Senior Editor, Digital

10) Light Up Dog Collar



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"I'm pretty sure you could describe my dog's coat as nighttime camouflage. A gray and black merle, she's impossible to see when it's dark. We'd tried putting an orange vest on her for her nighttime trips outside, but she absolutely hated it. So, we opted for this light-up collar instead and it's a compromise she's willing to make. It could actually be a life saver one day."

—Hannah Jones, Commerce Editor


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