This $10 Nail Polish “Lasts Longer Than Gel,” According to Shoppers Who Can Go 8+ Days Without Chipping

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It’s also “the easiest to remove.”

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It’s easy to understand the allure of gel nail polish. It promises bold, long-lasting color and oftentimes, shimmer and effects that seem specific to its formula. There are, of course, downsides: The formula is a pain to remove, more expensive, impossible to fix any mistakes after drying, and can even be damaging to your nail health. But according to more than 75,000 five-star shoppers on Amazon, you can get all the pluses of gel in a regular formula with ILNP’s $10 Holographic Nail Polish.

Everything from the brand is five-free, meaning it’s made without five of the most common chemicals found in old formulas, which tend to be controversial and potentially unhealthy. According to the brand, the vegan and cruelty-free polishes are also chip-resistant, yet easy to remove with regular acetone.

ILNP is available in dozens upon dozens of holographic colors that run the gamut from subtle beiges to dark and moody reds. I would suggest starting with ‘cashmere pink,’ a neutral and unintimidating white-toned baby pink that makes the holographic finish approachable, even for the glitter-shy.



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One of the tens of thousands of five-star reviewers shared that they “can go about five days with gel polish before it begins to peel,” but once they used ILNP’s polishes, they never looked back: “Six bottles later, I am smitten… it lasts longer than gel for me.” Other shoppers echo this sentiment and say it’s a great option if you’re trying to avoid the harmful side effects of UV light. Another reviewer wrote that ILNP polishes look so good and last so well, they were “dreading removing [it],” but were surprised to find that it ended up being “the easiest polish to take off.” They added that it lasts at least eight days without chipping and “is so smooth and well-made” that it “feels like stick-on polish.”

Thousands of people are absolutely obsessed with ILNP’s nail polishes, noting that you’ll be back for more colors once you try one. Head to Amazon to shop ILNP’s $10 Holographic Nail Polish

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