The 10 Best money boxes

Will Coldwell
·1 min read

1. Tom Dixon Cast Factory Money Box


Modelled on a British Industrial Revolution-era factory, this is a classy place to put your pounds.

2. Paris Money Box


This globe-shaped money box features an illustrated map of Paris. Other world cities are also available in the series.

3. Mushroom Money Box


A funky mushroom coin bank that you could even hide among the pot plants for extra security.

4. Beer Fund


Few things are worth saving up for more than a pint of beer. This bank, made from wood and brass, should inspire you to do just that.

5. Swear Box


Turn your cursing into cash with this censorship device. It can fit up to £500, so you can really reward yourself for turning the air blue.

6. Emergency Money Box


An exercise in self-restraint. How much you save depends on how long you last before you smash this box's glass in.

7. Kitty Coin Bank


One for cat fans, this battery-powered puss peeps out when you place a coin on the top, then snatches your cash in with its paw.

8. Capitalist Pig


This is coated in a blackboard-type surface so you can scribble messages on with chalk as your financial priorities change with time.

9. Maze Safe


This coin box has a maze on its lid, which should keep you entertained at home until you've saved enough for a day trip.

10. Counting Coin Jar


The lid tallies up each coin, saving you the misery of pouring them out and totting them up before you realise you only have £1.47.