1 Plano restaurant closed, roaches and flies found at others during health inspections

Hill Street Studios/Getty Images

One Plano food establishment was closed during the Aug. 27 to Sept. 23 health inspections and roaches were found at three other restaurants, according to data from the city compiled by the Star-Telegram.

The meat and seafood area of Mi Bandera, located at 1405 Jupiter Road, was temporarily closed Sept. 7. The inspector noted that the unit for displaying meat was not cooling properly and wastewater was backing up into a floor drain.

Mi Bandera corrected the problems and was allowed to reopen after a follow-up inspection the next day.

Royal Sweets and Fast Foods, located at 3829 W. Spring Creek Parkway, scored 76 on Aug. 29. The inspector found two live roaches and four dead ones in the establishment.

Inspectors observed a live roach at Chen’s Restaurant, located at 2220 Coit Road, and two small roaches in the dishwasher area of Cambria Suites at 7500 Parkwood Boulevard. Chen’s Restaurant scored 79 and Cambria Suites 94.

The city of Plano scores restaurants on a 100-point system. A score of 100 is considered a perfect score and 70 is extremely poor.

Out of 278 inspections, no restaurants scored 70 or below. Ms. Bettie’s Gumbo, a temporary food establishment at 3026 Fayette Trail in Frisco, scored 71 on Sept. 23.

The inspector noted some food wasn’t held at a safe temperature, there was no stem thermometer available to measure food temperature and no trash can or trash bag was set up at the booth.

New Orleans Crab Shack at 901 W. Spring Creek Parkway scored 73 on Sept. 11. Food wasn’t maintained at a safe temperature and employee food handler cards were expired.

The Blue Fish at 5760 State Highway 121 scored 73 on Aug. 29. The inspector found a gnat or fruit fly inside a bottle of brandy and noted that some food was stored on the floor of the walk-in freezer.

Turkish Cafe and Lounge at 8412 Preston Road scored 75 on Sept. 5. Spice containers were being recycled to store other items and some food wasn’t stored in the original container or properly labeled.

The meat and seafood area of Blue Fig Market at 4101 E. Park Blvd. scored 76 on Sept. 18. The inspector noticed raw meat on the prep table touching a phone charger cable and saw an employee washing a dirty towel in the hand washing sink.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria at 5717 Legacy Drive scored 78 on Sept. 6. The inspector found employee drinks stored on cutting boards and on the counter where pizza is prepared. Pesto was being thawed at a hand sink and the food dicer was dirty.

Papa John’s at 2300 McDermott Road scored 79 on Sept. 12. A layer of debris was found in one of the dish washing sinks and the inspector found flies in the dish washing area.

Here are the inspection scores and violations for restaurants within the city limits of Plano for July 30th - Aug 26th, 2023. A score of 100 is a perfect score and 70 is considered to be extremely poor. Each establishment receives between one and four routine inspections per year. To search the restaurant inspections, type in a keyword or restaurant name. You can also sort by score.