$1.5 million Toronto home listing ripped to shreds on TikTok: ‘Why is there a toilet next to a bed?’

A home with a bizarre design is going for $1.95 million in Toronto — which translates to around $1.49 million in USD. TikTokers are skeptical, to say the least.

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A real estate agent in Toronto asked his TikTok followers if the dwelling was “worth it,” and they were happy to tell him how they really felt. The home was deceptively modern and luxurious from the outside, but inside, it was sorely lacking.

Watch this living room that hasn't been updated since the '60s get a modern redesign:

“This is what $1.95 million buys you in Toronto,” the video text said.

There was a kitchen with a ton of counter space because it had the smallest sink that could barely fit a dish. There wasn’t a stove, only a microwave. There wasn’t even a fridge.

The bedroom was inside the bathroom (yes, with a toilet and shower). Despite the fact that it had a lot of space and multiple stories, it was also extremely compact and inconveniently designed.

People in the comment section shared their disapproval.

“Why is there a toilet next to a bed?” a user asked.

“Everyone’s talking about the toilet but there’s literally only a microwave in that kitchen,” another wrote.

“I’ve never laughed so hard in my life,” someone commented.

“Why would anyone pay that much for this??? I feel like I can’t breathe watching this,” a person stated.

“Bro you would have to walk in a single file line throughout the house,” a TikToker joked.

Watch this tiny bedroom get an organization overhaul in just one day:

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